Using a coupon on a first date? Brad's Dealers say go ahead

Using a coupon on a first date? Brad's Dealers say go ahead

This Valentine's Day, the country will spend over $13 billion on Valentine's Day shopping. Since $13 billion is a big, ugly, hard-to-imagine number, we wanted to break it down to what individual people plan on buying and receiving.

We sent out a poll to a few hundred Brad's Deals users asking about Valentine's Day shopping. Here's what we learned.

This year's most wanted gift isn't really a gift - at least not in the sense of a physical, unwrappable gift.

Most wanted Valentine's Day gifts

  • A meal (lunch or dinner at a restaurant): 44%
  • Jewelry: 31%
  • Flowers: 29%
  • Nothing: 21%
  • Chocolate, candy, or something edible: 19%
  • Apparel: 12%
  • Something homemade: 7%
Flickr / Jorg_Berlin

Flickr / Jorg_Berlin

Valentine's Day stalwarts like flowers and jewelry were predictably popular, but this year's most popular wish list item is a dine-out meal date. Free advice: We recommend not ordering chicken wings if it's a first date.

We also asked the corresponding question of "What do you plan to give this Valentine's Day?" The winner was the same, but by a wider margin.

Most popular gifts to give

  • A meal (lunch or dinner at a restaurant): 59%
  • Chocolate, candy, or something edible: 33%
  • Something homemade: 19%
  • Apparel: 17%
  • Nothing: 15%
  • Jewelry: 12%
  • Flowers: 10%

Although 21% of respondents said they don't want anything, we find that a little curious. When asked "Would you be disappointed if you received nothing for Valentine's Day?" 41% said yes, they would.

As far as homemade gifts go, they may not top our most wanted list, but a whopping 76% said they'd be happy receiving only a homemade gift this V-Day.

Flickr / Jacklyn Ann

Flickr / Jacklyn Ann

Engagements, First Dates, and Coupons

Valentine's Day falls right at the tail end of engagement season. According to a UK survey, Valentine's Day is the second most popular day to propose, behind only Christmas Eve.

We asked our users: With so many proposals happening on Valentine's Day, what do you think of the idea of popping the question on 2/14?

The ruling? Despite it's popularity, proposing on V-Day isn't too tacky.

  • 50% of respondents said Valentines' Day proposals are sweet
  • Only 18% consider them tacky

We also wanted to get a gauge on what people think about using a coupon on a Valentine's Day date. As it turned out, good news for couponers: 63% said it's not cheap to use a coupon to pay for a date on Valentine's Day.

So, using a coupon for a Valentine's Day date probably won't make you look like a cheapskate, but what about using a coupon on a first date? Good news: Only 37% of people would find it cheap if someone used a coupon to pay for a first date. By my less-than-scientific calculations, you have slightly worse than 2-in-3 odds of using a coupon on a first date and having a chance at a second date.

We asked about dating apps and websites, too. When asked if they'd go on a first date on Valentine's Day with a person met via a dating app or site, people weren't really into it. Fifty-six percent said they would not go on a Valentine's Day date with such a person, and 28% said they were unsure whether they would. Sorry, Tinder users - you might want to wait until 2/15 to start swiping right.