These 10 Retailers Accept Their Competitors' Coupons

These 10 Retailers Accept Their Competitors' Coupons

Ever wish you could use a Hobby Lobby coupon at JOANN? Or a Home Depot coupon at Menards? Have you ever fished through your coupon stash looking for PetSmart only to find Petco instead? Try handing it to the cashier anyway – chances are pretty good they'll honor it.

Is it surprising that some retailers will honor their competitors' coupons? Not really. It's just another form of price matching, and most who do it will limit usage to identical items. Competitors' coupons are usually subject to the same kinds of restrictions as regular price matching, too.

Before we dive in, it should be noted that many stores' coupon policies leave a lot of room for interpretation by local staff, so we can't guarantee that your particular store will accept any given coupon. That said, it really never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is that they say no!

10 Stores That Take Competitors' Coupons

A.C. Moore

Which competitors' coupons does A.C. Moore accept?
A.C. Moore doesn't name specific competitors in its Price Match Policy, but we know anecdotally that they are known to honor coupons from JOANN, Hobby Lobby, and Michaels. It's likely this list is not exhaustive, so it's worth asking if you have other crafting stores in your local market.

The Fine Print:
"A.C. Moore will match a single item percent off coupon (following the same exclusions as the A.C. Moore discounting practices) with proof in the form of the actual ad or coupon from a direct competitor. We will also match prices for an advertised sale item with a current advertisement presented for the same item, excluding percentage off offers. However, we do not match percent off entire transactions or categories, and we do not match online shopping prices."

It's important to note that this quote was lifted from an old version of A.C. Moore's FAQ which is now only available via cache archives, but the price match policy linked below seems to still refer to it, and we've confirmed with the company that the details have not changed.

More Info: A.C. Moore Price Match Policy

Dick's Sporting Goods

Which competitors' coupons does Dick's Sporting Goods accept?
Dick's Sporting Goods accepts coupons from local retailers. While they don't get specific about who that might include, we can surmise that coupons from any sporting goods retailer selling identical items within a 25 mile radius would be eligible.

The Fine Print:
Dick's Sporting Goods Best Price Guarantee includes "Brand-specific coupons and promotions from a qualifying retailer." Qualifying retailers are later described as local retailers and defined as "A local retailer for retail store purchases is located in the same market area (within a 25-mile radius) as your local DICK'S store."

More Info: Dick's Sporting Goods Best Price Guarantee

Home Depot

Which competitors' coupons does Home Depot accept?
Anecdotally, we hear that Home Depot may accept Harbor Freight coupons on a case by case, store by store basis, though the items must be identical and your mileage may vary. Officially, Home Depot's Low Price Guarantee seems to imply that the would honor a coupon for a lower price on an identical item, even if coupons aren't specifically mentioned.

The Fine Print:
"If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any retailer, we will match the price. Just bring the ad, printout or photo with you to the register for validation."

More Info: Home Depot Low Price Guarantee


Which competitors' coupons does JOANN accept?
Many sources we found claim that JOANN honors coupons from Hobby Lobby and Michaels, though their website doesn't name names.

The Fine Print:
Check out the framing coupon on the JOANN Fabric Coupons page linked below, which explicitly states: "We accept competitors' coupons!"

More Info: JOANN Fabric Coupons


Which competitors' coupons does Menards accept?
Menards doesn't mention specific retailers, but does have an explicit and comprehensive coupon policy that notes that only local competitors will be considered, and it's up to the each store's General Manager to determine whether or not any given competitor qualifies.

The Fine Print:
"Coupons must be from a local Competitor (they have a store in the local market). It is at the store’s General Manager’s discretion as to what defines a market."

More Info: Menards Coupon Policy (PDF)


Which competitors' coupons does Michaels accept?
According to their website, Michaels accepts coupons from A.C. Moore, Amazon, At Home, Ben Franklin, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Hobby Lobby, JOANN, Office Depot and OfficeMax, Party City, Staples, Target, and Walmart. That's quite a list!

The Fine Print:
Michaels will not honor a competitor's coupons if it's expired, if the Price Match Guarantee has already been applied, if you're also redeeming an identical Michaels coupon, or if the coupon is for a gift card with purchase.

More Info: Michaels Coupon Policy

Modell's Sporting Goods

Which competitors' coupons does Modell's accept?
Despite having an entire page devoted to competitors' coupons, Modell's doesn't get specific, and doesn't really define who qualifies as a competitor. It's safe to assume that any local sporting goods store would qualify, but the language seems to open the doors to non-specialty stores that also carry some sporting goods, like Target and Walmart.

The Fine Print:
There's a lot of it, but the basic are about what you'd expect: the item must be identical, is subject to availability, there's a limit of one coupon per item, and a relatively long list of exclusions.

More Info: Modell's Coupon Policy

Office Depot and OfficeMax

Which competitors' coupons does Office Depot and OfficeMax accept?
Competitor coupons are addressed through Office Depot and OfficeMax's Price Match Policy, and specifically mentions Staples, Target, Walmart and Best Buy, plus copy and custom printing jobs from FedEx Office and The UPS Store.

The Fine Print:
"We will match the Competitors’ point-of-sale price after deducting their instant savings/rebates and coupons."

More Info: Office Depot and OfficeMax Price Match Policy


Which competitors' coupons does PetSmart accept?
PetSmart doesn't specify who their competitors are, or provide much definition around that. However, it looks to us like they would accept a coupon from anyone, so long as it complies with their coupon policy.

The Fine Print:
PetSmart devotes an entire section of their Coupon Policy to "Valid Competitors' Coupons." The restrictions are pretty much what you'd expect – coupons for the exact item being purchased, must have a valid expiration date and barcode, doesn't apply to services or live pets, and so on.

More Info: PetSmart Coupon Policy


Which competitors' coupons does Petco accept?
Petco lists specific competitors for online price matching but seem to leave it intentionally vague for local competitors. Local competitors are defined as "a competitor's retail store that is in the same market and/or within a reasonable distance of our store." 

The Fine Print:
Although it's not explicitly mentioned on Petco's website, we've seen plenty of evidence that Petco will honor coupons from its competitors through its Price Match Policy.

"When calculating a local competitor's price we will only consider the competitor's net price at the point of sale-we will not take into account mail-in rebates or other forms of deferred savings. All competitor restrictions and/or expiration dates apply."

We believe that the reference to "net price at the point of sale" should be inclusive of the competitor's coupons. This is all inference, however, so success may vary.

More Info: Petco Price Match Policy

Where do you shop that takes competitors' coupons? Let us know in the comments!

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