You can now use Citi ThankYou Points for rewards seats on 84 airlines

If you've been paying attention to credit card rewards programs, you probably think Citi ThankYou Points are kind of a joke. Once a great program, ThankYou points were devalued over and over until the same points that once could sometimes get you across an ocean were all but useless. Until today. Read more

29 Awesome Vacation Spots That Are Cheaper Off-Season

Off season travel can mean saving money on airfare, hotels, and even dining and entertainment. Even better, rewards seats to these destinations are a lot easier to book for off-peak travel. And with fewer people around, it means shorter lines, less crowds, and easier access to your destination.

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Flight to Israel Cancelled? Here's How to Get a Refund.

With the escalation of the fighting between Israel and Gaza, several airlines have suspended air travel to Tel Aviv. American carriers Delta, United and U.S. Airways have all cancelled  flights to Israel today. Read more

Beginner's Guide To Points and Miles Part 4: Earning Rewards From Travel

In the first part of this beginner's guide, I introduced the concept of points and miles, and where they come from. In part 2, I showed you how important credit cards can be to earning points and miles. In part 3, we learned you how you can use promotions and other special offers to boost your your balances of points and miles. Today, I want to show you ways to earn more points and miles from the travel you purchase.
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How to get a full refund on Malaysia Airlines flights

If you have future travel booked on Malaysia Airlines in 2014, you can get a full refund on your ticket - even if it's a non-refundable fare.

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Brad's Favorite Freebies: Arby's Shakes, Coca-Cola & GNC

This week's freebies roundup includes: Arby's Shakes, Coca-Cola & Children's Books!
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Want To Save On School Supplies? Skip The Bundles

Like the holiday shopping season, back-to-school shopping seems to start a little earlier with each coming school year.

A recent poll of Brad's Deals shoppers found that 52% of consumer start their back-to-school shopping by Mid-July, and the National Retail Federation projects back-to-school shopping will hit $74.9 billion this year, a slight increase from 2013.
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National Hot Dog Day is 7/23: How To Get A Free Dog

The average American consumes 60 hot dogs a year, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Yes, that's a real organization.

What hot dogs may lack in nutritional value is made up for with cultural significance. In the power rankings of Americana, hot dogs rank somewhere between baseball and apple pie. The founding fathers may not have intended it, but encased meats have carved out a small yet important niche in American history (never mind that they originated in Germany).

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The Trend Report: Splashy Swimwear

Ladies, we have a confession to make: Normally, we HATE swimwear shopping. Your run-of-the-mill body issues aside, we just can't help but wonder: How many variations on a few strips of lycra can there be?

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