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Can You Buy Everything Online? Almost. I do!

In light of today's epic snowstorm that is rendering Chicagoans immobile, I was just asked how many different things I buy online. The answer is that I buy almost everything online. Why? Well, the deals are better than anywhere offline (yes, even warehouse clubs), there is often no sales tax and it is more convenient for me (especially during snow storms!).

A tiny amount of the food I buy online

I buy most of the non-perishable food I eat - everything from peanuts, oatmeal, rice and vitamins to a 10lb. bag of organic gojiberries (beat that for obscurity!) - and drinks such as bottled water, milk (it's soy, so comes shipped room temp, somehow) and tea. I'm trying to not eat any animal-based fats (no meat, no dairy, no eggs, etc.) or any processed foods. That means lots of obscure things. Normally, that means expensive obscure things but the internet really helps me save.

Bulk Soap, etc.

I buy all soap, shampoo and personal care items in bulk online (think AmazonDrugstore.com and Soap.com) for less than I could anywhere locally. This includes everything from paper towels to tooth paste to deodorant to razors to shaving cream to contact lenses. Amazon's "subscribe and save" is brilliant both because it knocks an extra 15% off but also because it keeps me stocked of things I don't want to run out of.

But How Good Are The Deals?

My bed. Mattress, sheets, pillows, frame via the internet.

My checks were $4, my Gevalia coffeemaker was free, my water is under $0.20 a bottle and it's delivered (no heavy lifting!), my mattress was 40% off after I found a rare "employee discount code" for The W Hotel Store and the awesome Scottish travel pictures on my wall were 35% off via an exceptionally large Allposters coupon. Even my new HP laser printer, purchased this week, is over half-off retail and $65 to $115 less than most people usually pay.

My $2 Lead Crystal Glasses and $1 Bottles of Alcohol

I stocked an entire bar full of expensive lead crystal glasses and mid-shelf alcohol for pennies on the dollar.

My Sounddock!

The only reason I own a Bose Sounddock or Bose QC3 headphones is because I found a rare coupon code that took, curiously, 24% off Bose products and had to see if it would work! It did, so many others got to save, as well.

I've bought several pairs of my favorite Nike shoes, my winter down jacket for half-off, my brother's college graduation present for over 60% off,

I've also bought my sheets, silverware, the music I listen to (when not listening for free), my TV and DVD Player, my desk and desk chair, my phones and all computer products (computer, mouse, monitor, printer, paper, ink, etc.).

My "All Posters"

Scotland via Allposters

My wife and I bought our wedding bands on Blue Nile using a coupon code. We've bought stamps from Stamps.com, wine from Wine.com, sheets from Overstock and SmartBargains, rugs from Overstock and a variety of dog food, supplies and vitamins from a mix of online pet stores.

One Hundred Lightbulbs

I even bought my lightbulbs online. Several years ago, I bought 100 60-watt energy-efficient lightbulbs from Lowes.com for $99 when they were priced above $5 each. One hundred was a bit much. With 8,000 hours of light each, I've only gone through about 20 in 3 years!

About the Author: Brad Wilson

Brad is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Brad's Deals and Brad's Black Friday, as well as and author of Do More, Spend Less. He loves the game of hunting down the best deals and being able to spread the word to so many others. He is likely travel hacking his way around the world right now, trying to spend his millions of points and miles faster than he earns them!

33 Responses to “Can You Buy Everything Online? Almost. I do!”

  1. Jacquie S says:

    All our groceries are bought on Peapod. I truly haven’t been in a Dominick’s or Jewel for over a year. Occasionally a side trip to Trader Joe’s if I must have milk or bread that day…. or their yummy cheeses. We also buy rugs, furniture, W mattress set, pet rxs, all our wine, most clothing, our canoe, etc online.
    THe biggest problem we have with shopping online (yes, my wedding set is Blue Nile, too!) is the humongous amount of boxes we need to store and put out to recycle every Tuesday. I’ve been asked if we’re moving in or moving out on occasion…..

    • Brad says:

      Jacquie, that’s impressive! You might trump me with the canoe! :)

      Same here – haven’t been to a Dominick’s/Jewel in some time. Either Costco, online or some sort of specialty store.

    • Cynthia says:

      I have limited mobility. I only get out for doctors’ appts, PT, etc. I have been ordering everything online for YEARS. (To give you an estimate on how long I’ve been using the internet, I worked on the government internet (DARPA) since the 1980s, and I used the first Apple with the GUI as part of the code, the Apple Lisa). The only things I have to get locally are special cuts of meat, fresh 2% milk, etc. I could also get those online via delivery from local stores, but I like to see what’s in the grocery from time to time (so I can buy it online). P&G just launched a program to let you buy EVERYTHING on their site for one low shipping price of $5. I can find anything I want online; I shop for coupons, free ship, no tax, etc. before I buy anything. I buy birdseed, bird feeders, birdbaths, pet supplies (dogs) bedroom/bathroom items, cosmetics, skin treatments, detergent, etc. If you can think of it, you can buy it online. If I want custom jewelry I will go out to work with a jeweler, but a lot of my design ideas are from the web. I buy ALL gifts from the web, and at Christmas I have them shipped directly to my parents’ home and I wrap them there with wrapping paper bought off the web. I DO enjoy going to Costco, but I do not frequent malls because you have to walk too far to get where you want to go.
      I save on gasoline and time and get what I want from UPS, FEDEX and the USPS.

  2. Terry H says:

    Wow. I must say, you have inspired me. I have not bought very much online, but I will have to look into this. These days we need to find the best bargains out there, and I didn’t think online was the way to go. Thank you. I will now be doing a lot of online researching!

    • Brad says:

      Terry – that’s incredible to hear! We’re here to help so don’t hesitate to ask if you’re ever looking for something in particular!

  3. Linda says:

    This is inspiring for me too, and I do a lot of shopping online already. I’d like to know where you by your non perishable foodstuffs from. I get some things from Amazon but an not familiar with any other sites. Thanks!

    • Brad says:

      Hi Linda,

      Amazon is my only main source for non-perishable food online right now. I’d love to find some others but no one else big has really stepped into that yet!

      • DonnaZoom says:


        If you live in one of the Chicago’s suburbs – depends? You can get Meijers catalogs weekly on line – they have great prices – and they oftentimes have free shipping. You might wish to look into it?

        • Brad from Brad's Deals says:

          Donnazoom, you’re right. Meijers is another example. So is Peapod in Chicago but I guess I wasn’t really thinking of the local delivery companies!

  4. Lauri says:

    Hi. I think this is great and I guess you really need to be organized to keep up with the changing deals. I just went to check out the water deal, but its expired. do you have a new one?
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

    • Brad says:

      Hi Lauri, the water deal is active again now thanks to a new coupon code that just popped up.

      Yes, it is part being organized and part reacting quickly when the right deal pops up!

  5. Roberta Valentino says:

    There us almost nothing that you can’t get online. Often times at a cheaper price too.

  6. eva says:

    I buy everything online, I hardly go to any retail stores.
    Online is best as you can get cashback, use coupons, and many times you can flexible with tax.

  7. Catherine Hamel says:

    I would say that I purchase at least 75% on line. Will NOT purchase most pants on line as I really need to try them on; however, if there’s a maker I love and I’ve purchased and they fit, I’ll purchase more of the same on line.

    Shopping over the net has better afforded me creative gifting that I’d not have found at the mall or in town; as well I end up supporting small business owners in the U.S. That’s a real ‘feel good’! More should step up to shopping over the net – it’s fairly safe and full of great bargains!

    • Brad from Brad's Deals says:

      Yes, untried apparel can still be tricky. The online shoe stores solved that with free shipping/free return shipping but we still haven’t seen a ton of that for apparel.

  8. Big Gnarly Bob says:

    It seems like a bit of a silly question, posed in the way that it was, because even if you can buy everything online, it won’t do you much good if the inclement weather prevents its delivery. But I realize, on the other hand, that the question is more of a survey as to the feasibility of it. So I think that YES, you can buy ALMOST everything online, except for maybe illegal drugs, though I suppose that depends on your illegal drug of choice. If it’s prescription meds, for which you don’t actually have, or at least truly need, said prescription, then it’s probably still possible to buy those too. IF, on the other hand, it’s a truly illegal substance, then probably not. And you can’t buy sax online…or at least consummate the most important part of the transaction online…unless of course you consider “self-pleasuring with aural (yes, pun intended) or visual” assistance to be “having sax” (Yes, I changed one letter on purpose, in an attempt to avoid having my post kicked out for usage of a potential “fail trigger”).

    As far as my own brick-and-mortar vs. online spending habits, I buy quite a bit of things online, but only when the deals are good enough to justify the additional online purchasing expense of shipping, which is why I appreciate BradsDeals so much. I’ve purchased several things based on your hot tips of late that I couldn’t have come close to getting at a brick-and-mortar store, DESPITE the addition of a shipping expense (and even better are the deals that include free shipping!

    So thanks very much for what you do. It’s AWESOME!


    • PamperedKate says:

      We just had our Amazon Subscribe and Save diapers delivered in the middle of a blizzard last week by UPS – the government had shut down 4 hours prior, there was a foot of snow on the ground and more falling, zero visibility…but low and behold, my delivery came!

      We buy most everything online – we both work full time and have three young kids, and want to spend our free time on fun, family things – not dragging three kids store to store while we get the same things we can find online for much less time, way less headache and a lot less dough! :)

  9. TonyC says:

    it is very RARE I walk into a store, I live in NYC, so almost anything I need and now with Menupages.com, I can get the best restaurants delver to me if I feel like it…BUT this is NOT an overnight thing with me…I started when Amazon and Jeff Besos working out of his garage, back in the early 90s and it progressively got better and better..I am TRYING to think what I go shopping for??? probably if it is an EMERGENCY item, like a pipe or something for plumbing that my super needs(I live in a COOP)…and when the weather is NICE, there is nothing like the Farmer’s Market in Union Square…EVEN if I don”t buy one thing, I love to see the new varieties of veggies and that is done on a nice Saturday…but it is rare…and when I am over there, I’ll probably stop at Trader Joe’s…I buy 99-100% of my stuff online now…


  10. latanya says:

    I think you can buy virtually all the products you need online. When building our home, I ordered supplies, fixtures, carpeting, tile, toilets and cabinets. The only scary part is if your measurements are accurate. I buy furniture, furnishings, baby wipes, clothing and most definitely do the cost comparisons. I must say, sometimes, I spend tooooo much time looking at things prior to purchase, but I love the internet. You can buy all the things you need on the internet

  11. DonnaZoom says:

    I purchase a great deal from Meijer on-line. The soaps, both dish and laundry, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. can be bought on super sale and, oftentimes delivered for free. If you have the storage space, buying in large bulk is the way to go! You can also get steaks, canned goods (definitely on sale from the circular) toothpaste, vitamins, potatoes, cherrys and cherry tomatoes. It is the ONLY way to shop in Chicago (suburban) winters! The last thing I bought in a real wall store was my refrigerator – and that was primarily done on line – but in order to take advantage of the Energy saving tax credits, I had to actually go into the store to purchase it. That was back in March of last year? no taxes, no crowds, no stress – what a way to shop!

  12. Sandra says:

    I am not a shopper. Much of my life has been figuring out how to do less of it. I haven’t shopped from Nov 1st to Feb 1st for many years. Too many people, too little parking, not worth my time and energy. I just stock up on things ahead of time. The I-net is awesome for shopping. After reading other comments I will begin to buy my staples online as well as my normal purchases (clothes, gifts, technology toys, etc). (Gas here in Phoenix is pretty much always priced above average.)Thanks to Brad’s Deals shopping is easier and less expensive.

  13. Valerie says:

    Fortunately I knew how to buy almost everything online using coupons, rebate sites, etc., before I moved from the suburbs of a big city to a rural town in the south. Boxes are the biggest problem as some retailers, Amazon is famous for this, put a tiny little item in a casket size box… Also got my wedding rings, every pair of shoes I own (and there are a lot) every appliance, etc. Always find better deals, usually work out free shipping (and if I can get free returns too I am very happy). One of the tricks is to check email early in the day – most sale emails come out overnight and the good stuff goes quickly. I hate malls, hate crowds, and love a good bargain.

  14. Paula says:

    I love to shop online. It’s easier, faster, and, since I love in the middle of Kansas, I have FAR more selection than if I shopped in my town, or even the closest ‘big’ town, which is 50 miles away. (And still only boasts 40,000 people.)

    I do have to watch shipping on everyday items, but for anything in bulk, clothing, gift items, I can’t beat online.

    Now, if I could convince my husband of the same, I’d be set. But the 5 year old is already following in my footsteps. He knows he can get the Legos he wants on eBay cheaper than at Walmart!

  15. Stacey says:

    You probably can buy everything you need online. I find myself doing more and more online shopping now. There are great deals out there and I seem to keep better track of what I am spending when I shop online. But to your question, when face with an epic snowstorm, online purchases sill have to be delivered and that process slows during stormy weather. Sometimes you need patience when waiting for your packages.

    • Susan says:

      You can get all you want of anything online. Once, kidding around someone asked me if I could buy a parasol. You can get thm in any style!

  16. alyssa says:

    I don’t buy groceries on-line, only because I buy on sale- plus use a coupon. For almost everthing else I do buy online. Why waste time shopping when I can get something delivered for free? And I always use coupon codes making things even cheaper. Last week I got a Dooney and Bourke pocketbook for $97, free shipping from Las Vegas, I live in New Jersey, and the original price was $197. I have access to sales everywhere from my computer!!! I could have wasted an entire day looking in local stores, yet never would I have found the perfect one like I had gotten. Wahooo!

  17. Rose Lyden says:

    I am a military spouse living overseas and have been lucky enough to spend over 10 years in different countries. I wish I could shop online more…I love doing it but many things are not allowed to be shipped. Online is very convienent for me to buy presents for family members with shipping being taken care of and I know it will arrive in time. I plan on doing alot of online shopping when we do return to the states.

  18. Arlene F says:

    As a Nurse on call in the ER, I have NO TIME TO SHOP…I do mine all on-line! :) Would love a kindle !!!

  19. Karen H. says:

    i shop so much online that my family is a bit concerned about my spending habits. yes, it is much easier to spend money online than if you go out to the store. i did all my shopping for Christmas early online, then I was called to Boston for an emergency delivery of my daughter’s twins. i was gone three months and came home to boxes piled to the ceiling. Now I have to deal with all those boxes and Christmas gifts that will be birthday gifts instead. My Boston daughter signed up for Amazon Moms and gets two day free shipping and many, many items at a deep discount. I love Amazon!!! thanks for all your deals and hard work to make life a little bit easier for many. I got many great ideas not only from you in this exchange, but from so many other faithful followers. ONLINE!!! It is the way I go for all my techie stuff that makes it possible to go online and BUY!!!

  20. Diane says:

    I love shopping online for most everything. But one thing I don’t think you can purchase online is fuel for your vehicles. Being in a rural area without any public transportation, we do need to use our vehicles to get to work, as well as appointments, etc. So fuel is the one thing we can’t buy online.

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