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Big Guys Need Clothes Too: Online Stores with Big and Tall or Extended Sizes

Big & tall stores onlineI've been a big guy my whole life. I grew to 6' 6" by my sophomore year of High School, and had to start shopping at the Big and Tall store. I was only 15 years old...I was not ready to be wearing dad-style clothes. "I don't wanna wear velour tracksuits or elastic-waist khakis to school, mom!"

But back then, options were limited. Shoes were an even bigger challenge. There was one shoe outlet that was an hour away in another state that carried some extended sizes. We would go there periodically and pretty much buy whatever they had in size 15. I might need dress shoes or want some sandals for the summer, but we bought whatever they had. Basketball shoes were always the easiest, because it seems as if the shoe people assumed that tall people only played basketball, and did nothing else with their time (What else are they good for?). We like the beach too, ya know!

And then along came the internet, and my whole world changed. No longer did searching for clothes mean an all-weekend excursion to the states-away outlets in search of anything that fit. I could now replace my velour tracksuits with brand name jeans, and my basketball shoes with penny loafers (they look much better with a suit at Christmas than those Converse high tops).

Even so, many of the things I found initially were specialty-type stuff. It wasn't until a short time later that many of the big Bricks & Mortar retailers started carrying extended sizes online. I could wear cool sweaters like my shorter friends (thank you, Gap!) and had a sweet 3-in-1 winter jacket like all the other kids (thanks, Eddie Bauer!) all thanks to the magic of the internet and retailers willing to stock some bigger stuff for those of us who need it.

How about you? Any sites out there that offer extended sizes and broader options for us broader folks? Share with us below in the comments and we'll grow this list of  Sites that carry extended sizes online:

  • Eddie Bauer: extended sizes for men, plus sizes for women online. Some sizes are at an additional charge.
  • The Gap: extended sizes for men, petite and tall sizes for women.
  • Banana Republic: Big and Tall for men, petite and tall for women.
  • Old Navy: Big and Tall for men, Women's Plus and maternity.
  • Walmart: Big and Tall for men, Women's Plus and maternity.
  • JC Penney: Big and Tall for men, Women's plus, petite, tall, maternity.
  • Joe's New Balance Outlet: up to size 20 for men, size 14 for women.

Sites that are exclusively for extended sizes (Big and Tall for men, Plus for women, etc.)

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25 Responses to “Big Guys Need Clothes Too: Online Stores with Big and Tall or Extended Sizes”

  1. Phillip SIgney says:

    I have found both Cabelas and Sierra Trading post good to find plus sizes; I also search Google or Amazon for the specific item I want (Dockers, 48 inch) with good results

  2. holly mccaddin says:

    For women you can go to roamans or woman within online and also one stop plus.

    • Lyn Phillips says:

      Check out BCO (Bargain Catalog Outlet) for plus sized clothes, furniture, lotsa stuff. They don’t always have every size in every color, but there is a filter that lets you choose your size, so you’re not wasting your time looking at things you can’t have.
      I got a washable suede coat there last year for $12! (I was shopping off-season, but still…)It’s a pale maroon color, but who cares?

  3. Ccolby says:

    What about “tall” for women? We’ve had men’s big/tall good luck at Jos. Banks.

  4. Pat A. says:

    What a Husky sizes for boys (12H, etc.)???

  5. for ladies – good quality nice service
    I’ve had trouble with Romains.

  6. Matt says:

    Thanks for the links Brad! It’s tough when you can’t buy off the rack.

  7. Elaine says:

    Nordstrom’s.com has extended sizes also.

  8. Jesse says:

    I’m a 5xl tall and I have been pleasantly surprised by the selection and prices at menswarehouse.com. Also, I wear a size 16 shoe and I’m always checking Eastbay, Zappos, and endless.com. Hope those help.

  9. Darlene says:

    I do most of my shopping online – with my husband a XXLT with a size 15 shoe, my daughter is only 4’6″ and a plus size; my son 5’6″ and a slim and I am a petite size. I can usually get stuff for everyone at JC Penny’s and also at Land’s End for higher quality. For shoes: I go with OnlineShoes.com for everything from a girls 4 wide to my son’s Velcro only sneakers, to my husband’s size 15.

  10. Michelle says:

    For women:
    Simply Be (www.simplybe.com)
    Ulla Popken (www.ullapopken.com/Online)
    Sonsi (http://www.sonsi.com/)
    Torrid (www.torrid.com/)

  11. Diane says:

    Here are some additional sites I shop for female extended size clothing. http://www.1-plus.com has an access page to both Addition Elle and Penningtons Plus. 1015Store.com has plus sizes, as well as 15dollarstore.com and forever21.com. Many of these have more youthful looking clothing than Roaman’s, Woman Within, etc.

  12. GJ says:

    I have had a few real bad experiences with King Size Direct. Would suggest watching out before your deal with them. Also, Now, I end up finding 3/4 XL stuff cheaper @ J C Penney. Casual Male XL has superb after sales service. I had a PJ torn and they just changed it for me! They treat you with more respect than other places and surely way better than the King Size Direct Folks. Also, @ KSD, you cannot cancel an order unless you call them up!

  13. barbi says:

    Land’s End carries some extended sizes.

  14. Ron says:

    In Florida, Dillard’s department store has an excellent selection of big and tall clothing for men. Not just online, but in store too! Their prices and quality are far superior to Casual Male, which dominates the big and tall market in the Tampa Bay area.

    They carry many name brands, including Levi’s but their house label clothing is of fine quality and comes at a price that is on level with “normal” clothing sizes at mid to upper level stores.

  15. Deborah says:

    I have 2 tall and thin sons who are 16 and 20 who are 6’5″ and 6’7″. I have had tremendous luck finding long tall shirts,tshirts, sweatshirts and 32×36 inseam pants that are hip and well made on American Eagle Outfitters website. In addition I love the 6pm website as it has shoes of all sizes for men and women. They wear a size 14 shoe and I wear a women’s size 11.

  16. S.K. says:

    For women who need ‘special sizes’ or wide shoes, designershoes dot com is a great store. They carry beautiful shoes in larger and wider sizes. You won’t find ugly shoes that look like they were made for those of us w/big tootsies.

  17. Midge Shaw says:

    I’ve had good luck buying my husband clothes from The Foundry.
    Their web address is http://www.foundrybigandtall.com/. Not only do they carry large sizes, but they also feature name brands and have some great sales!

  18. craig says:

    JA Camo http://www.simplybe.com/jacamo carries men’s sizes up to 5XL and the prices are not out of line.

  19. Daniel DB says:

    Hey Brad, how about Outlet Stores in Florida that carry Big & Tall along with Ladies Plus sizes. I find it very difficult to find any quantity of Bigger sizes. Some stores say they offer them and when you spend almost a half day driving there they have to few to select from. You call in advance and the clerks say, “yes we have them” and when you do get there it ends up being a bust.

    • Chris from Brad's Deals says:

      Hey there. We just deal with online stores for now. Were not too keen on the retail outlet market in Florida. Hopefully, we will find some nice places for you to check out online though. Thanks for writing!

  20. Adam Voges says:

    I guess you should also http://www.bigntallapparel.com as this store also got massive variety of big and tall clothes. recently I bought my 4XL tee for my bro from them. :)

  21. kim sutton says:

    i’m compiling a list of stores that carry woman’s talls, even international it being valentines day there is a shortage of bedroom wear,that comes to mind. also i’m more in the x large wieght wise and most women shops are not going over size 14,im a hard fit for most people under my hieght they get curvy, the sights that carry my size at the moment are plus size i’m smaller up top and smaller at hip bc of how i carry my hieght ,its really difficult to find that fit endlessly seaching,it’s a full time job wish i could just go to a taylor for everything, i’m not exactly even in a wide in women’s i’m still learning to size,maybe i should start sewing. but you can’t make intaments,or stockings ,man such a job bc ev body carries thier hiegt and wiegts differently, you really got to develope a sixth sense for all that! pretty long list,still pretty,pretty small selection also concidering i am still in my early thirty’s and already on a fixed income i want to act my age and be with it not hide out all day stay home just to afford one outfit, hide out bc it takes so long to shop i never get done with it and iat home im just repeating out fits over and agian,not fun,not easy to make friends that way. i feel for every body that goes thru this! i suggest google: tall women resource. i believe that one has a good list.

  22. JMG says:

    Sweetheart! Don’t make your life so difficult. Go to Target, JC Penny’s, Walmart. Get a sewing machine and learn to sew. Buy a used one if that would make it easier. Start with the easy patterns. Ask a friend to teach you to sew. It saves money if you are careful but it allows you much more freedom of choice.

    You can also try resale & second hand shops for items to be modified if you learn how to do the improvements. It really isn’t too difficult.

    The internet now has a huge selection of large size, big and tall for both men and women. Find some way to make a few extra bucks and get some things that make you feel good about yourself. You deserve something special sometime very soon! Make it happen.

  23. Ryan says:

    I shop for my dad at Thomas Dean. You can check out their big and tall collection at this link: http://www.thomasdeanco.com/big-tall/. They are more upscale so if you are looking for a nice made dress shirt they may fit the bill.

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