Labor Day Deals: Best Time to Buy Appliances, Cars and More

Labor Day Deals: Best Time to Buy Appliances, Cars and More

Labor Day. The end of summer is upon us. While many of us are going to be basking in the last bit of sun we will get for months, some of us will be taking huge advantage of the Labor Day sales to get great bargains on all those summer items that stores are trying to clear out.

Take your money even further by buying items that have huge price drops this time of year. We like to stress that you should be aware of the best times of year to buy specific items. Things like patio furniture, outdoor recreation items, appliances and more, will go on sale in the month of September and you'll probably be able to find some great Labor Day deals on them.

Now is a great time to start looking at older models of appliances. To gear up for end of the year, retailers are going to stock up on newer models and will drop prices of older models to clear stock. There is really no reason to buy the newest and fanciest model, if an older or less flashy model is available for a lesser price.

Shop Labor Day Weekend for Appliance Deals! has a Labor Day Appliance Sale and this GE 25.3 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (model GSF25JGCBB) drops in price from $1049 to $944.10 and the GE 21.9 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator (model GSH22JGCBB) is  now $1,034.10. If you look at the specs of each they are extremely similar. The lesser priced model is larger, but the higher priced model has an auto-energy saver. Dive into the specs and details about each model. Really consider what you are getting for your money, and in the end you may end up realizing the lesser priced model fits your needs and saves you thousands.

Grills are a slow seller in the winter for obvious reasons (Hello, midwest winters). Starting in early fall, you'll see prices begin to drop. While charcoal grills have a lesser initial cost, you may want to think about how much you grill before buying based on the base price. Charcoal can cost up to $5 per cookout, while a full tank of propane can last longer and cost as little as $.20 per cookout. If you plan on grilling frequently, it may cost you less in the long run to buy a gas grill, even if the up-front payment is more.

Wedding season is winding down, meaning stores like Pfaltzgraff may be dropping select patterns to make room for next years' new patterns. is taking an extra 20% off items with a green dollar sign symbol when you use code WELCOMEBACK20- this is a great example of how retailers will try to get rid of clearance items.

Early fall is a great time to buy wine. The latest vintage wines will  be released at this time and many retailers will be marking down prices to keep inventory low in an uncertain time of year.

While we don't yet offer automobile deals on Brad's Deals, this is a great time to look if you're in the market for a new one. It has become known that Labor Day car sales are a great time to buy new cars. Again, car lots will be itching to get old models off the lot to make room for the newer, flashier versions. If you're willing to buy a 2011 model, rather than the new 2012, Labor Day weekend is a great time to look.

Other items to keep an eye on in September include: lawn mowers, yard tools, outdoor pools, outdoor play equipment, landscaping plants and summer apparel.

Always keep retail calendars in mind when checking Labor Day ads and making large purchases. Off-season is a great time to buy most items. For example, stores are going to star thinking about making room for holiday items (yes, this early!) and will want to get rid of summer items. Think you might need a new lawn mower next year? Get it now for a better deal instead of waiting until you need it- you'll be more likely to pay retail price if it's an emergency.

Another great way to make use of this weekend's Labor Day sales is to use a tip we heard from a blogger at BlogHer11: Do your Christmas shopping all year round. Don't wait for holiday deals or Black Friday sales, look for great deals on end-of-summer items now and save them for the big day (which is just a little less than 4 months away)!