No More Shipping Shock: 37 Stores with Free Shipping

No More Shipping Shock: 37 Stores with Free Shipping

Free shipping and returns at Nordstrom

Nordstrom is the biggest online retailer yet to offer free shipping on all orders.

It only takes 4 words to warm any deal-hunter's heart: free shipping, no minimum. Knowing your purchase will ship for free simplifies everything about shopping online, since you don't have to worry about the bargain you just found being offset by an outrageous shipping charge (a.k.a. shipping shock). We here at Brad's Deals HQ love free shipping offers like dogs love fire hydrants, so when a huge retailer like Nordstrom announces they are instituting permanent free shipping with no minimum order, we are stoked.

Is this a sign that more retailers are going to start bowing to the will of the consumer and making free shipping the norm instead of the exception? We truly hope so!

To share our excitement, we've gathered up all the sites we know of that offer free shipping on all orders on an ongoing basis, so you can sate your shopping urge without getting a nasty dose of shipping shock when you go to check out.

Stores with Free Shipping, No Minimum

In addition to sites that offer free shipping with no minimum, stores with flat rate shipping can be a great way to save. Flat rate shipping means that all orders ship at the same rate, whether you're ordering a scarf or a sofa. It's worth noting that exclusions may apply depending on the site. Bulky items will often attract a surcharge, and some items may not qualify.

Stores with Flat rate Shipping


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Are there some sites we didn't include that offer free shipping with no minimum or flat rate shipping sitewide? Share your additions in a comment below and we'll add them to our list!

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