When to Replace Your Stuff: Expiration Dates You Never Knew Existed

When to Replace Your Stuff: Expiration Dates You Never Knew Existed

Posted on July 12, 2012

It's time for an intervention. I know you love your precious bed mate, but this can't go on. This is no longer a healthy relationship.

We're talking about you and your pillow. Now, we're all guilty of it. Keeping makeup too long. Simply not knowing how often you should change your oil. Running in shoes we've had since nobody even knew Justin Bieber. Here are some common items that need to be replaced regularly and how to replace them at the best price possible:

When to Replace Your Toothbrush

When to Replace Your Toothbrush

Every 3-6 Months for Toothbrushes
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How Often: Every 3-6 months
Surprisingly, it's more about the state of your bristles than germs. The American Dental Association recommends about every three months, depending on how hard you brush. You may think the cheapest way to replace your toothbrush is to run to the corner store and grab whatever is on sale, but you may be able to stock up for less money. If you get a dental cleaning every six months, your dentist is likely to give you a toothbrush for free. If you're lazy about the dentist or have a specific toothbrush you like, price compare online for the best places to get it or look in your local paper and online for coupons. Amazon and Drugstore.com are great places to look online with very low prices. Buying in bulk can also help you save, so check places like StocknGo, where you can buy 12 Oral-B 3D white pulsar advanced vivid toothbrushes for $5.50 per brush and you'll have enough brushes for at least 3 years!

When to Change Your Oil

How Often: Every 3,000 - 7,500 miles (check your cars manual)
Many chain oil change companies like Jiffy Lube always have coupons out, so just do a quick search before you head on your way. If you have time to anticipate the change, start looking at Groupon or Living Social daily, which often have car related deals.

When to Replace Your Pillows

How Often: Every 1-3 years, depending on allergies
A good pillow will keep you allergy free and support you for a good nights rest. If your pillow is lumpy or if you fold it and it does not spring back, it's time for a new one. Pillows are also a breeding ground for dust mites that can trigger allergies. Pillows can be replaced on a budget by beginning your search early. Keep an eye on Pacific Pillows, which almost always has a sale, like their current 65% off down alternative pillows. Overstock, Kohl's, and Macy's also have frequent sales on good quality pillows and coupons to stack as well.

When to Replace Your Makeup

How Often: Mascara and eye liner every 3-6 months, foundation and other liquid makeup 1 year, powders, eyeshadow and blush every 2 years.
There's no disputing this one. Every source we checked was unanimous about these dates from Glamour to ABC News. Finding the coupon code or waiting for the sale and stocking up is the key with makeup. Especially if you're dedicated to your specific products or brand, like Clinique, they likely have coupon codes floating around. Most cosmetics brands online also include a free sample or three at checkout.

When to Buy New Bras

How Often: Every 1-2 years depending on their wear and how you wash them.
Treat your bras as if they were your favorite dress and they will last a lot longer! Fitness Magazine agrees, and recommends tossing bras after two years unless you rarely wear it. Are the cups misshaped and the wire poking out? Toss it! Bare Necessities has all the brand names you're looking for at much lower prices than your local department store.

When to Replace Your Running Shoes

When to Replace Running Shoes

Replace your kicks before they're worn out.

How Often: Every 300-500 miles
If you don't need the latest style or technology, search for previous styles on discount sites like 6pm.com. You can still get your brand name Nike's you love, just for less. Another option is to get a proper shoe fitting at a store for running shoes and write down the name and style number and then go home and search for a cheaper deal online! For more tips on getting the best deals on running gear, check out our post on the coolest 5ks this summer.

When to Replace Your Spices

How Often: Every 1-4 years. Ground spices 2-3 years. Herbs 1-3 years. Extracts 4 years. Seasoning Blends 1-2 years.
Most spices suggest an expiration date, but we also found this guide from Spice Islands to be great. For spices, it's more about freshness and quality, but we all want that in our food, right? A great way to know you'll always have fresh spices is to purchase this $14 Cuisinart 16 Jar Revolving Spice Rack. The spices will all be uniform on your counter and you can get free replacements for 5 years! Just pay the shipping and handling.

When to Replace Your Smoke Alarm Batteries

How Often: Every year
The International Fire Chiefs Association recommends replacing batteries every year. This replacement could mean your life, so just do it! You can even get 10% off with this coupon.

What else do you think is important to replace regularly? Let us know in the comments below!

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