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Brad Wilson

Hi! Brad here. (Yes, there’s a real-life Brad—I’m him.) My team of deal experts scours the web every day, 365 days a year, to find you the best deals on just about everything. They also blog on the latest in smart shopping and personal finance. Here’s the other stuff you should know about us:

We don’t actually sell anything. Brad’s Deals is a service, not a store. We set out to find the best price, no matter where it is.

We love to help you shop smarter. We believe that no matter what you’re buying, you should never have to pay full price. Basically, we care a lot about saving a lot.

Our team rules. Fashionistas, comic artists, and yoga teachers—it takes all kinds of savvy shoppers to bring you the best deals on everything. And we think happy people make the coolest websites, so we do our best to make the Brad’s Deals office a happy place filled with fun activities and free snacks.

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This is the story of how Brad’s Deals was born and grew into the website you’re on right now.