Kohl's Black Friday Ad 2018

The 2018 Kohl's Black Friday ad hasn't arrived yet! Until Black Friday, get a head start on your holiday shopping with the latest Kohl's coupons and deals.

When will the Kohl's Black Friday ad be released?
Kohl's likes to release their Black Friday ad earlier in the month, even dipping into October in 2017 with an October 30th release date. We think this year won't be very different, and that the ad will release on November 1st.

What time will the Kohl's Black Friday sale start?
Kohl's has been starting their Black Friday sale sooner and sooner every year. That being said we believe that Kohl's will start their sale on Thursday at 5 p.m.

Will Kohl's be open on Thanksgiving?
We believe that Kohl's will be open on Thanksgiving.

Tips for shopping the Kohl's Black Friday sale:

  • Always figure the value of the Kohl's Cash into the deal. Kohl's Cash is effectively a gift card bundled with every purchase over $50.
  • The price you see in the ad can often be improved upon with a Kohl's coupon. Don't forget that you can stack up to four!

Download Past Kohl's Black Friday Flyers: