On February 2, the most famous rodent in the USA failed to see his shadow. If that’s not enough proof, the Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting an early spring. Now’s the perfect time to devise a plan for tackling this year’s spring cleaning.  


Pestering Pests 

No one likes unwelcome guests at their spring festivities. Keep those less-famous rodents away. Check out this Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 6-Pack selling for $30 at Amazon.These repellers will drive away pests such as mice, mosquitos, roaches, ants, and spiders, while still being safe for pets, kids, and the environment.

Time to Scrub 

Now it’s time to wash away the winter doldrums. Stardrops The Pink Stuff All-Purpose Cleaning Paste is always at the top of the list for our deal editors. It safely removes stains and grime from just about any surface. Get it at Amazon for $5.

Mrs. Meyer’s has helped us through plenty of messes. If you’d like her to help you, we suggest connecting with her on Amazon. You’ll often find the lowest prices on Mrs. Meyer’s products there, plus they offer a subscribe & save option for convenience and extra savings. 

Spring for New Sheets

Fresh sheets are one of life’s little pleasures. Why not treat yourself to a brand new set? Macy’s carries many of our favorite brands, like Beautyrest, Ella Jayne, and Charter Club. The best part is we’ve seen them marked down as much as 80%.


Make it Sparkle

Hopefully by now the holiday lights have come down. Replace them with these Dimmable LED Globe String Lights. You can get a 100’ strand for $18 at Amazon. 

We suggest taking advantage of the increasing sunlight with one of these Solar Powered Hanging Bird Baths. Your feathery friends will thank you. Amazon has them in your choice of two colors for $27 each.

Pack up Your Winter Wardrobe 

Somewhere in the bowels of every storage room, there is a plastic container of old sweaters, one bag of holiday ornaments, and at least one box of books from grammar school. Are you in the market for some storage bins to create your own time capsule? Maybe you just want to put away your winter clothes for the season. This Hefty 72-Quart Storage Bin with Stackable Lid will hold plenty of sweaters and ski pants. You can buy one for $11 at Target. Also, this 2-Pack of Under-Bed Storage Organizers for $14 at Amazon might come in handy if you’re short on space. Each one measures 42” x 18” x 6”.

Finishing Touches

Now that the clutter is gone and the corners are clean, it’s time for the little extras that make a place a home. 

They say that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. While winter smells like pine trees and hot cocoa, spring smells more like fresh lemons and ocean air. What better to welcome in the new season than with a Yankee Candle? Start by checking out the scents they have marked down in the sale section.

Finish the freshen-up with a spring wreath on your front door to greet everyone who visits. Amazon has hundreds of options for $25 or less.

Trash That Stash 

It’s time to reduce the clutter from your life. If you can’t recycle or donate it, put it in the circular file. Speaking of, check out this Nine Stars Stainless Steel 13-Gallon Motion-Sensor Trash Can, which is currently on sale for $53 at Wayfair. We like that it’s earned 4.7 out of 5 stars from over 10,500 reviewers.

Looking for something a bit more traditional (and cheaper)? This 13-Gallon Swing-Top Wastebasket for $12 at Target might do the trick.