Once upon a time we had to make lists with paper and pen and physically go to stores when we needed things. Sometimes we’d have to go to several stores or even shopping malls for what we needed. Then one day, out of the heavens, came Amazon. For many of us, the free shipping perk and access to exclusive shows and movies is enough reason to fork over the $14.99 per month to get Prime. But if those reasons haven't been enough to entice you to join Prime, maybe some of these lesser-known incentives will tempt you to signup. Here are 10 of those perks.

Amazon packages with dark background

Unlimited photo storage

Three words: Unlimited photo storage. I filled up my cloud eons ago, and while I could buy more storage, I’ve instead opted to move my pictures to Amazon Photo Storage. You’ll also get 5GB of video storage for free.

Free release-date delivery

Prime members also get free release-date delivery on video games, movies, books, music, and more. Just pre-order eligible items, then select release-day delivery. Most orders are delivered by 7:00 p.m. on the day of release.

Early access to lightning deals

Get early access to lightning deals. These bargains are only available for 4-12 hours and tend to sell out fast. But with Prime, you get a 30-minute jumpstart on these offers. 

Free shipping with select merchants

Did you know that Prime members get free shipping at Woot! and shopbop? Plus Zappos will give you a free shipping upgrade when you checkout using your Amazon account.

Free access to podcasts and music

Amazon Prime members also enjoy free access to top podcasts and over 100 million songs when using shuffle. If you prefer your music on-demand, try a free 30-day trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. The cost goes to $8.99 per month if you decide not to cancel it.

Prime Gaming

Gamers are covered as well. Prime Gaming includes free games, in-game content, and even a free membership to a Twitch channel of your choice.

Free delivery options

Prime members can also have their finds delivered to an Amazon locker location for free. Would you rather save the trip and have your packages delivered in your garage? No problem, Prime offers that too. With the Amazon Key program, vetted drivers will have one-time access to your garage. This service is totally free once you pay for the initial start-up costs.

Amazon delivery truck on road

Try before you buy

One drawback to buying clothing, accessories, and shoes online is not being able to try it on before you buy it. Introducing try before you buy, exclusively for Prime members. Here’s how it works: Buy six qualifying items, return what you don’t want within seven days, and only pay for what you keep.


Need generic medications? No insurance or poor coverage? Prime members have access to RXPass. Subscribers will get all eligible medications for the flat monthly fee of $5. This program includes over 50 generic drugs. If your meds are on this list, run, don’t walk.

Whole Foods discounts

Unfortunately the cost of groceries continues to rise. The advantages of Prime don’t end when you leave the online world. Whole Foods offers special in-store prices to Amazon Prime members who download the app. 

Still not sold? There are a couple of ways to get Amazon Prime for free. Existing Prime members can share their Prime benefits with one member of their household at no additional cost. Also, if you haven’t been a Prime member for the past 12 months, you can sign up (again) for a free trial! Lastly, you may qualify for a discounted membership with Prime Access if you are receiving government assistance. College students who are currently enrolled may also qualify for a discounted membership with Prime Student. These memberships cost between $6.99-$7.49 per month.