With the average blowout costing between $50-$100, it can become cost prohibitive to let someone else style your tresses. I set out to discover whether or not I could recreate a salon look at home with one of the many hair dryer brushes on the market. So what is the best hair dryer brush? I tried five of the most popular options to see if I could find the answer.


Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler

I had the original Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler and it broke. While that was annoying, it was rather fortuitous as Dyson replaced it with the long version (better for my long hair). There is a big learning curve, and I had to watch several videos to really get the hang of it. A few things I love: It’s lightweight and super easy to change attachments. I also love that the new curling wands have a toggle to change direction versus changing attachments on the older model. The overall effect gives a smooth look with lots of body (especially when you use the curling wands). A few things I don’t love: The price tag! At $599.99, I suggest you wait for the Sephora sale, although Dyson was taking $100 off select colors at the time of publication. I also wish the round brush was bigger. I find myself using the hair dryer attachment and then switching to another hair dryer brush on this list when I want a quick straight style. 

Revlon One-Step

The Revlon One-Step was the first hair dryer brush I ever bought and used. It retails for $69.99 but can commonly be found for under $35. I really loved how simple it was to use, and it gave me a fast and smooth blowout. The size of the brush (and oval shape) lets you either smooth or curl your hair. However, the 1.0 version gets VERY hot and I had to stop using it after I got too much damage from heat. Had I not replaced it prior to the 2.0 version coming out, I would have stuck with thisthe Allure Best of Beauty Award winner. Just make sure if you are buying this one, you get the 2.0 version, which doesn’t get as hot. 


Shark FlexStyle Air Styling & Drying System

Another hair drying system, the Shark FlexStyle clocks in at $299.99, a full $300 less than the Dyson system. While I don’t own this one, I had a chance to try it and really thought it gave Dyson a run for its money. It dries hair fast, and I actually prefer the round brush attachment on the Shark, as it more closely resembles the other blow dryer brushes. If you’re looking for a full drying system, consider the Shark, especially if you can snag it at 20% off!

Amika Hair Blow Dryer Brush 2.0

When I was looking for a new hair dryer brush, I bought the Amika during Sephora’s Rouge event, dropping the price from $100 to $80. It was speedy, but I found my hair got tangled in the top of the brush. After checking out some additional reviews online with a lot of reviewers saying the brush stopped working, I returned it. 

T3 AireBrush One-Step Smoothing and Volumizing Hair Dryer Brush

I have been a T3 hair dryer fan for years so I was excited to try this brush. They have an Interchangeable Duo Brush for $189.99, but for my hair I prefer a larger, oval barrel, so I was thrilled when they came out with this version for $149.99. It’s lightweight and gives me a smooth look with lots of volume. This is a true winner for me!

While my current routine (unless I want curls and only use the Airwrap) is to dry my hair with the Dyson and straighten with the T3, I would say you CANNOT go wrong with the Revlon One-Step 2.0! Which hair dryer brush is your favorite?