15 Best Kohl’s Black Friday Deals & Sales for 2019

15 Best Kohl’s Black Friday Deals & Sales for 2019

We’ve combed through all 64 pages of the Kohl’s Black Friday ad to find the best deals and doorbusters of 2019. Here’s our list of fifteen deals you can’t afford to miss.

Today only: Select deals are priced better than Black Friday!

Just for November 1, you can shop select Black Friday deals, apply a 20% off coupon, and still get $15 Kohl’s Cash per $50 spent. The best Kohl’s coupon we typically see during Black Friday week is only 15% off, so it’s definitely worth your time to check out the best deals today!

How to read the 2019 Kohl’s Black Friday ad

Kohl’s took a new approach to their ad this year by explicitly telling you when a coupon can be applied. But shoppers should read this language carefully since they go about it in two different ways that mean very different things.

+ an extra 15% off with coupon
When you see this note, the coupon has not been figured into the price shown. You’ll need to do the math yourself to figure out what the final price will be.

with 15% off coupon
This version means that the 15% off coupon can be applied, but that it’s already been figured into the price. Check out the doorbusters on the cover. That Instant Pot price of $67.99 is the price after coupon. It won’t be going any lower than that.

Got that? Now that you know to look for it, the rest of this should be easy!

When does the Kohl’s Black Friday sale start?

The sale will last for five days beginning on Monday, November 25, and feature $15 Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent throughout that entire period. While some of the most enticing deals will be available as early as Monday, the splashiest doorbusters will go on sale in-store at 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday November 28) and will be up for grabs (while supplies last) through Black Friday. Doorbusters will be available online beginning at 12:01 a.m. CT on Thanksgiving Day. Quantities are limited, so we recommend staying up until midnight on Wednesday if you’ve got your eye on one.

The Value of Kohl’s Cash

For the last few years, Kohl’s has offered an additional 15% off most items with a Kohl’s coupon that can be applied at checkout, and 2019 is no exception. This year, they’ve included the coupon in the Black Friday ad, page 3. Plus, during the holiday shopping season, Kohl’s gives customers $15 back in Kohl’s Cash (up from the usual $10) for every $50 spent. If you’re not sold on the idea that Kohl’s Cash should be considered in the value of a deal, think of it like getting a gift card bundled with every purchase you make that’s over $50. Because that’s literally what it is. And once you grasp that, you can use it strategically, say, by buying a big ticket item on Black Friday, then spending the Kohl’s Cash from that purchase on other smaller holiday gifts later. The potential here is HUGE.

These incentives are obviously a huge part of what makes a deal a deal at Kohl’s, so our analysis of the best deals below will account for all of that where possible.

When the coupons actually make the deal worse

One interesting consequence of combining the expected 15% off coupon with the $15 per $50 Kohl’s Cash offer is that there’s a narrow range where you’ll save more by skipping the coupon, because the discount knocks you out of range for Kohl’s Cash and the amount you’ll save is less than the amount of the Kohl’s Cash you’d earn. If your cart total is anywhere between $48 and $59.99, the discount is worth less than the Kohl’s Cash you’d miss out on.

Let’s look at page 15 of this year’s ad for an example. The Bissell Aeroswift Upright Vacuum is marked down to $49.99, and you can apply the 15% off coupon to your purchase. That takes the price down to $42.49, a discount of $7.50, but that leaves you a few dollars short of earning $15 Kohl’s Cash. So long as you place a high value on Kohl’s Cash (as we do here at Brad’s Deals), then skipping the coupon discount so you can collect the Kohl’s Cash is a better option by $7.50.

Of course, this only matters if that vacuum is the only item you’re purchasing, and honestly, who does that at Kohl’s?

One More Note About Kohl’s Cash…

After many years of scrutinizing the Kohl’s Black Friday ad and finding calculation errors, we’ve learned to always double check the Kohl’s Cash. That means that sometimes our numbers may not match what the ad says. Since we make these calculations literally every day of the year to bring you the deals, we’re pretty comfortable with the Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You totals we give below.

However, it’s worth noting that all of our Kohl’s Cash notes ultimately are just estimates presented as if the item we’re discussing is the only item you’re purchasing. Remember, Kohl’s Cash is calculated on your cart total, not on the individual items in your order.

Before we jump into the best Black Friday deals, some important notes about our list:

  • When our picks for the best Kohl’s deals listed below are coupon eligible, Kohl’s Cash is based on the price after the 15% off coupon is applied.
  • Check our collection of active Kohl’s coupons before you shop, and read through our guide to using Kohl’s coupons to learn how you can get the most from them.
  • Kohl’s Cash is calculated as though buying each item individually. If you buy multiple items in combination, that’s going to change the Kohl’s Cash that you earn.

15 Best Kohl’s Black Friday Doorbuster Deals for 2019


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Console with carrying case and controller charging dock

Original Price: $349.99
Black Friday Price: $319.99
Kohl’s Cash: $90

This deal is sold out.

With $90 Kohl’s Cash in play, this is very likely the best deal we’ll see on any Nintendo Switch console or bundle from any retailer on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or beyond into the rest of the holiday shopping season. It’s also a doorbuster deal and we expect it to sell out very, very quickly, so you’ll need to move lightning fast.

Ninja Foodi Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi 5-in-1 Indoor Grill with Air Fryer

Original Price: $279.99
Black Friday Price: $169.99 after coupon
Kohl’s Cash: $45

Air fryers and smokeless grills both have been hot holiday items for the last few years, and this rather compelling Ninja Foodi appliance is both! The $169.99 sale price combined with an attractive $45 Kohl’s Cash offer make this one a must buy.

Kids puffer coats

ZeroXposur and SO puffer jackets for Kids

Original Price: $80
Black Friday Price: $16.99 after coupon

Kohl’s Black Friday sale has a knack for making the never-ending job of clothing your family fit your budget beautifully. These puffer jackets have been a Black Friday standout for the last few years, so we’re pleased to see the deal is back for 2019.

Toastmaster kitchen appliances

Toastmaster Kitchen Electrics

Original Price: $24.99
Black Friday Price: $2.14 after coupon and rebate

These small kitchen appliances are always a star on our Black Friday best-of lists, and this is the lowest we’ve ever seen them go! These same appliances were $2.99 after rebate last year. Options shown in the ad include an immersion blender, mini blender, mini waffle maker, hand mixer, 1.5-qt slow cooker, can opener, mini chopper, and 2-slice toaster.

Mens flannel shirts

Men’s Flannel Shirts

Original Price: $36
Black Friday Price: $8.49 after coupon

There’s no such thing as having too many flannel shirts. There’s just not. We rarely see flannel of any brand priced this low, and Black Friday is definitely the best time to stock up on this timeless wardrobe staple.

Shark stick vacuum

Shark Rocket DeluxePro Corded Stick Vacuum

Original Price: $299.99
Black Friday Price: $84.99 after coupon
Kohl’s Cash: $15

This deal is sold out, but you want to check out this one:
Dyson Cordless Vacuum $250 + $75 GC at Kohl’s

The lowest price we’ve ever seen on this Shark vacuum was $142, at JCPenney way back in January, so our eyes popped a bit at the Kohl’s Black Friday doorbuster price of $84.99. This is a steal, and it won’t last long once the sale is live.

Pyrex food storage set

Pyrex 22-pc storage set

Original Price: $59.99
Black Friday Price: $15.49 after coupon and rebate 

Pyrex food storage sets like this one have long been a staple of pretty much every department store’s Black Friday sales, so we know from long experience that this 22-pc set is very well priced. A comparable set that we spotted in October was going for $27.88 at Macy’s.

Air Fryer

Power XL Vortex 7-qt air fryer

Original Price: $149.99
Black Friday Price: $59.49 after coupon
Kohl’s Cash: $15

An excellent price for an air fryer of this size. The lowest price we’ve ever posted for a 7-qt air fryer was $75 back in May at Home Depot. We rarely find 6-qt models for less than $70, and this one is a full quart larger!

Crock Pot pressure cooker

Crock-Pot Express 6-qt black stainless pressure cooker

Original Price: $119.99
Black Friday Price: $50.99 after coupon
Kohl’s Cash: $15

Instant Pot is not the only high quality pressure cooker in town. We like this Crock-Pot version as an alternative to that pricier brand. We see it marked down to $49.99 at Best Buy fairly often, but the $15 Kohl’s Cash totally justifies that extra $1 here.

Google Home light starter kit

Google Home Smart Light Starter Kit

Original Price: $55
Black Friday Price: $25

Why buy a Google Nest Mini for $29 when you can pay $4 less for a Google Home Mini that comes with, not one, but two GE C-life Smart Bulbs? Okay, there are some slight differences to nitpick if you care to, but when you’re looking at which gives you the most bang for your buck, the smart lights take the trophy.

Avengers and Star Wars weighted blankets

Licenced character 5-lb weighted blankets

Original Price: $99.99
Black Friday Price: $33.99 after coupon

The first of two weight blanket deals on our list for Kohl’s. Weighing in at just 5 lbs., this one is strictly for the kids. The addition of your mini’s favorite characters just makes them that much cooler.

Weighted blanket

Brookstone 15-lb, 18-lb, and 20-lb weighted blankets

Original Price: $159.99
Black Friday Price: $67.99 after coupon
Kohl’s Cash: $15

Last year’s weighted blanket Black Friday deal at Kohl’s only came in a single 12 lb. weight. This year, Kohl’s is accommodating a wider range of body weights. These Brookstone weighted blankets come in 15 lb,, 18 lb., and 20 lb. versions. Check out our weighted blanket buying guide to learn more about how heavy your weighted blanket should be.

Ring video doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 2

Original Price: $199.99
Black Friday Price: $139.99
Kohl’s Cash: $30

This deal is out of stock.

A very solid deal for a Ring Video Doorbell 2. The last time we posted a deal on this item, it was $145 at Newegg. The $30 Kohl’s Cash sweetens the deal even more.

Down comforter

Hotel Suite White Goose Feather and Down Comforters, all sizes

Original Price: $129.99-$179.99
Black Friday Price: $50.99 after coupon
Kohl’s Cash: $15

This is a solid price on a goose down comforter, especially at the larger sizes. The lowest price we’ve seen recently on the king version of this specific comforter is $53, so this is a price low at that size.
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