Spring has sprung! The sun is out, the days are getting longer, and it’s almost time to come out of hibernation and into the great outdoors. But before patio season is in full swing, you may be thinking that your outdoor space is in need of a little spring refresh. Don’t worry, our editors have put together all of our favorite tips and tricks for designing the perfect outdoor space.

Designing a patio space isn’t just about arranging furniture, it’s about crafting a unique space that fits your own personal style and aesthetic. The patio is very much an extension of your home, so we encourage you to think about it as just another room in your house. Think about the vibe you want your space to have. How do you want it to function, feel, and who do you plan to entertain there? Alright, have you got your vibe in mind? Let’s start designing that outdoor oasis! 


Choose a Patio Furniture Set

Let’s begin our journey to backyard bliss with the centerpiece of your patio: your patio set. These pieces are going to be the focal point of your outdoor space, so you should first focus on how they will fit within your space. Consider the shapes of the furniture and visualize how it will look laid out on your patio. You’ll want to think about the surface of your patio or deck and choose a material that will compliment your space. If you have a wood deck, you may want to look into a metal patio set for a contrasting texture. Similarly, if you have a stone paver patio, a wood set would be a great choice.

Once you’ve narrowed down a style, you’ll want to think about the functionality of the space.Are you hoping to host al fresco dinner parties? Then you may want to consider an outdoor dining set, complete with a dining table, chairs, and a place to put an umbrella. Do you just want a comfy space to kick back with an adult beverage at the end of the day? You may want to consider a patio chat set or a small sofa and a fire pit. We’ve broken down our favorite patio sets below to give you an idea of what to look for.

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Dining Sets

These sets are ideal if you plan to do lots of outdoor entertaining or dinner parties. Consider the amount of people that you anticipate will be frequenting your space. We love dining sets that include benches since they provide more flexible seating options. You’ll also want to consider whether or not you would like to include an umbrella and ensure that your set will allow for one. Some of our favorite patio dining sets are: 

Sofa Sets 

Patio sofas and sectionals are a comfortable option if you plan to do some casual entertaining outdoors. They provide a very laid-back indoor/outdoor feel to your space and they’re ideal for unwinding at the end of a long day. When choosing a sofa set, you’ll want to consider whether or not the set is modular or fixed. We prefer modular seating as all the pieces can be reconfigured to fit your space as your seating needs change. 

Conversation Sets

Patio conversation sets typically include some combination of a patio sofa, chairs, and accent tables. These are a great option if you’re not a fan of the outdoor patio sectional, but still want to provide comfortable seating to entertain guests. Shop our favorite patio conversation sets below: 


Add a Rug

An outdoor rug can be a great way to define your seating space and add an element of warmth to your outdoor space. When looking for an outdoor rug, you’ll of course want to consider size and color, but also consider the material as well. 

We like to look for rugs made of Polypropylene because they’re sun resistant and are ideal for hot, humid summer weather. However, this material is very flammable, so we do not recommend using this rug near a fire pit or grill. Polyester rugs are also a popular choice for a long-lasting option. They are relatively easy to clean up, but they don’t handle oil-based stains very well. We recommend avoiding them for dining areas. Finally, Jute or Sisal rugs are a great eco-friendly, boho-inspired material for your space. These materials are durable, but they aren’t that easy to clean and can be prone to mildew. We recommend using them under covered areas. Shop our favorite outdoor rugs here: 

Gimme Shelter

Think about the amount of sun your space is going to get. Are you beneath a lot of trees? You may not need to invest in a gazebo or pergola. But for spaces in direct sunlight, a patio covering can be a great addition to your space. For a more permanent fixture, can invest in a solid wood or metal structure for a year-round outdoor space. You could also look for a more temporary pop-up canopy to have on hand for days where you’ll be entertaining outdoors during the sunny hours. Check out our favorite pergolas and gazebos here: 

Let There Be Light! 

Next up, we’re going to want to illuminate this beautiful space we’ve created. Investing in outdoor lighting can really elevate your space to the next level. When it comes to lighting, we’ll urge you again to think about the vibe you want to create. If your property has mature trees or landscaping you want to highlight, garden uplighting can be a great investment and provide an upscale look. Are you looking for a more laid-back look? Try a few strands of Edison bulbs strung around your patio space. Check out some of our favorite lighting ideas below:

  • Black Low Voltage Solar Powered Integrated LED Pathway Light Set of 6, $35.99 - These have a unique modern look that will set your house apart from the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. They have a sleek shape that will add a touch of elegance to your space.

  • Lafferty 100' Outdoor 100 - Bulb Globe String Light, $78.99 - We love a good Edison bulb, but we appreciate the rounded globe shape of these outdoor string lights. They’re waterproof and dimmable. 

  • Trent Austin Ayanna Wall Light (Set of 2), $85.99 - A great way to upgrade your outdoor lighting is by replacing your outdoor wall lights, especially if they’re a sock builder grade model. Swapping to these craftsman style lights is a way to instantly upgrade the look of your home.

  • 30'' Integrated LED Outdoor Floor Lamp, $87.11 - Placing a few of these free-standing floor lamps along the edges of your patio would upgrade the look of your outdoor space. We love the unique twist shape and the fact that these are wireless and battery powered. 


Storage Solutions 

The more time you spend outside, the most stuff you tend to accumulate out there! To keep your space neat and tidy, consider investing in a deck box or shed. When choosing the right deck box, you’ll want to choose the correct size and capacity for your needs. If you’re storing large garden items like hoses, gardening tools, and cushions you’ll want to look for something larger, like a 200 gallon size or even consider going with an outdoor shed. For other smaller items, a 50-100 gallon box should suffice. You’ll also want to think about the durability and the aesthetics of the material of the box. Also consider whether or not it has security features like a built-in lock or a place to put a padlock. Check out our favorite deck boxes and sheds below:

Make it your own

The final step is the fun part, you can add your own touch of personality through fun accent pieces and decor items. Your outdoor space really is just a continuation of your home, so we urge you to treat it as you would any other room. Add fun pillows for pops of color, add a few wacky lawn ornaments if that fits your vibe. You could also invest in a few rock speakers to add some music to your space or add a fire pit for s’mores sessions. How you choose to fill the space really depends on your needs and desires for your own patio. So have some fun and make it your own! Check out some of our favorite patio accessories for inspiration:

Whatever you decided to include in your outdoor space, the most important thing is that it fits your unique style and vibe! It’s also important that you don’t spend an arm and a leg designing it, so be sure to check out the Way Day Sale at Wayfair to score some serious deals on all your outdoor necessities! You can also keep an eye on our deal feed to catch the latest deals on outdoor furniture, accessories, and more.