While Christmas is still a couple of months away, it’s never too early to start working on your gift list. We know about some great deals on unique fitness finds that your workout obsessed friends and family might want in their stockings this year. Take advantage of these early sales and get a jump start on your holiday shopping.

Sweat Monitors

Help your fit friends optimize their hydration with a sweat patch. Our top pick is the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch ($24.99). This device continuously monitors fluid loss and sweat rate during exercise. Plus, you can connect it to the Gx iOS app and learn how much sodium was expelled during the sweat session and pinpoint exactly how best to hydrate after a good workout.

We also have an exclusive coupon to get you 20% off the Gx Sweat Patch! Use code BRADSPATCH20 to drop the price to $19.99 for our shoppers.


Recovery and Immune Support Gummies

Help your body recover after exercise and help support your immune system every day with gummy supplements. Gatorade’s new Gummy Supplements were formulated with scientists from the Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) to support athletes around the clock, because being an athlete is a 24/7 pursuit. Gatorade Recovery Gummies ($25.99) contain 480mg of Tart Cherry Powder to support exercise recovery. Gatorade Immune Support Gummies ($25.99) are packed with Vitamins C & D, Zinc and Selenium to help support a healthy immune system.

Through 11/6, you can snag these gummies individually or in a bundle at 10% off with code GUMMIES10.

Cooling Towel

A good sweat session requires a proper cool down. These towels retain water but feel dry to the touch and can help cool you off post-workout or keep you cool for hours. Just rinse with cold water, wring to remove excess moisture, and let the cooling begin. We like the Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad, $12.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, or the Tough Outfitters Cooling Towel, $7.25 on Amazon.

Start Gift Shopping Early And Save

To get the best deals on gifts this year, we recommend that you start early. Many sales are starting as early as October so you have time to spread your holiday budget through several months, rather than the weeks leading up to the holidays. Remember that good deals go fast and you may want to jump on a sale quickly before it sells out or goes back up in price, which is out of our control. Download our free app to stay on top of all the best deals and sales this holiday shopping season.