You may already know that Michaels always has coupons available, but these thirteen budget-friendly tips will take your crafting and home decor to the next level.

We’re not kidding. Got a stack of coupons from everyone but Michaels in your purse? No problem. Impromptu last-minute New Years party decked out with festive decor? You’re good. How do you want your coupons? We’ve got five different ways. And you’ll never pay full price for framing again. Are you ready for this?

13 Expert Tips For Shopping at Michaels

1. Use competitors’ coupons at Michaels.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering “Can I use a JOANN coupon at Michaels?” the answer is yes! Here’s a list of what coupons Michaels accepts:

To take the best advantage of this policy, we recommend bookmarking all of these competitors’ coupon pages, then comparing them for the best deal before heading to the store. It only works for discounts up to 50%, and store-wide discounts like a flat 20% off your entire order are not accepted, but you may have luck stacking something like 50% off one item with a Michaels store coupon for extra savings. Which brings us to…

2. Take advantage of Michaels price matching policy to get an extra 10% off.

So long as the item you’re buying is identical in brand and size to the one being advertised, and the price to match is currently valid, all you need to do is show the ad to the cashier ringing you up and Michaels will match the price, plus give you an additional 10% off.

3. Try stacking coupons at Michaels.

Can you stack coupons at Michaels? Word has it that you can often stack coupons at Michaels, so long as they’re different types – in other words, you can’t use two percent-off coupons on the same item, but you could possibly use one percent off for a category and one dollar off for the items. Your success with this tip may vary from one store to the next, but it’s worth giving it a shot. Check out the Michaels coupon policy for the official details.

4. Check the Facebook page for special limited-time coupons.

Michaels has been known to share secret one-day coupons on their Facebook page, and they’re usually pretty high in value.

5. Always get at least 50% off Michaels framing services.

There’s literally always a coupon for framing, and it should be for at least 50% off. Check all your sources – circulars, social media, apps – before you go.

6. Sign up for Michaels text alerts.

If you don’t mind getting up to eight texts per month from Michaels, they can save you a lot of money. Text offers include daily deals which can be up to 70% off, or simply alerts to general sales that otherwise may have slipped under your radar. To opt in, text “JOIN” to 273-283.

7. Join the Michaels Rewards for free.

As if getting discounts through the paper circulars, an app, text messages, and social media accounts wasn’t enough, you can also register for Michaels Rewards for free to get access to exclusive coupons, birthday discounts, receipt-free returns, and early access to sale events.

8. Ask for your senior discount.

Seniors, teachers, and members of the military all qualify for special discounts at Michaels. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Military: 15% off with military ID
  • Seniors: 10% off for 55+ with ID
  • Teachers: 15% off classroom products

9. Keep a 40% off coupon in your pocket at all times with the mobile app.

If you’re prone to forgetting the paper coupons at home, or don’t have the weekly circular handy, the mobile app will save you at the register.

10. Shop in peace when you put the kids in a crafting class.

Check out the classes for your local store, then plan your shopping around them. Then grab a cart and get your shopping done while the kids are entertained and looked after by the staff. Michaels actually has a Kids Club with the tagline “They make, you shop” so they definitely know they’re catering to parents who need to get the shopping done while the kids are making felt owls or paper lantern pumpkins. Classes and events vary in price, ranging from free to $5.

11. Buy your next artificial Christmas tree at Michaels in November.

Michaels holds an annual tree sale during the week before Thanksgiving, where you can score 7-foot trees for under $50. It’s a pretty good deal.

12. Decorate a last minute New Years Eve party.

Michaels stores are open on New Years Eve and New Years Day, which makes it a good emergency stop when you suddenly find yourself an unexpected party host. With luck, you may find that New Years themed decor is already be marked down by up to 60%!

13. Three words: Post-Holiday clearance.

It’s a pretty well known and possibly cliched “hack” to shop for next year’s holiday decor immediately after the holiday, but well, if it’s true then it’s true! The day after a holiday, take advantage of the 60%-70% discount to stock up on wrapping paper, decor, seasonal items, holiday-themed crafts. Wait a week or two, and the discount goes up to 80% on whatever’s left.

Photo: Aranami / Flickr
Cover photo: Mike Mozart / Flickr