Ah Chucks. America’s most beloved shoe brand. Converse hasn’t officially received that award, but if the level of consumer excitement when there’s a Converse sale is any indication, perhaps it is. Here are five of our favorite stores for finding Chucks on sale.

1. Converse.com

There are some brands that have simply the best prices for their shoes at their very own website. Converse.com is no exception. Free shipping is easy with a Nike+ Account, and there are extra discounts you can place on top of already-low prices in their sales section; these discounts come around about once every couple months.

Earlier in December, there was a 30% off code for Converse. When these come about, you will invariably find Converse for as low as $25 or less. We recommend using our Brad’s Deal Alerts to have notifications sent directly to your phone or email when an epic sale like this is going on.

2. Rakuten

The great thing about Rakuten is its endless selection and free shipping. Stores such as Shoebacca and AreaTrend sell their low-priced Converse via Rakuten, so you get the best that many stores have to offer. Please keep in mind that sizes may be limited, but with limited sizes usually comes extreme prices. At any given time, look forward to many styles under $30, such as the Converse Chuck Taylor High Tops or the All Star Ox’s. Like Rakuten, you may find similar prices at eBay or Amazon given the broadness of these websites.

3. Final-Score & Eastbay

Eastbay and Final-Score are owned by the same company, so you will find similar deals for Converse at both. Prices may be lower at Final-Score, but there is indeed a $8 shipping fee attached to all orders under $50. Expect similar prices for your favorite Chucks at both websites.

4. Famous Footwear

Like Converse.com, every couple of months Famous Footwear has a 15% off code you can use on just about anything. This December, through the 24th, for instance, you can use code MERRIEST to get that discount along with free shipping. And free shipping is rare at Famous Footwear, so take advantage now.

5. Kohl’s

At Kohl’s, Converse High Tops for $30 is not rare. But keep in mind unlike the previously mentioned sites, there is an $8.95 shipping fee. If you prefer to shop at more well-known retailers like Kohl’s, we also suggest Macy’s for similar prices to Kohl’s.

Other Ways to Find Great Converse Deals

Use Google Shopping

Google’s shopping tool may be your best bet if you already have a specific style in mind. Say you want to find the best price on the popular Converse Low-Tops. You can type it into Google Shopping and the search engine will produce the lowest price online for that model. Keep in mind that Google Shopping doesn’t take into account exclusive offers on deal sites like ours, so you may want to search for your preferred Converse style on our site first, as always, in addition to Google Shopping to make sure.

Set up Converse Deal Alerts

Let’s cut to the chase. The smartest shoppers out there use our Deal Alerts. What’s a Deal Alert? You will be notified whenever your favorite brand or product goes live at Brad’s Deals. Just enter the search term ‘Converse’ into our search and then click ‘Create Alert’.

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