With so many options to choose from, how do you find the best hammock for camping? We created this guide to showcase what to consider before you buy. Use the following criteria to find anything from a top-tier option for glamping or the cheapest hammock online.


The Best Hammock for Camping on the Trail

Hikers must consider more than the price of their gear. They must also consider the weight. Choose a lightweight material for longer trips or a more durable material if you plan on roughing it. Looking for high quality gear at a lower price? We found many alternatives to popular camping brands.

Other trail camping hammock considerations:

  • Can the hammock double as a tent?
  • Tree straps may add additional weight to your pack.


The Best Hammock for Camping in the Woods

Tree-lined campgrounds already have hammock supports growing around your campsite. That means you might not need to buy a portable stand (which often costs more than the hammock itself). The main challenge here? You might not have two perfectly-aligned trees for your hammock, and you won't know for sure until you arrive.

Other forest camping hammock considerations:

  • Choose a hammock you can hang at a variety of distances
  • Practice setting up your hammock before you go


The Best Hammock for Glamping

Glamping is all about comfort and aesthetics. Consider a rope hammock for a classic backyard look or a natural linen hammock for a touch of elegance. Use a permanent stand if you want to set up your own glamping site. Then, accent the space with lighting.

Glamping hammock considerations:

  • Comfort is key
  • Use string lights for a cozier aesthetic


The Best Hammock for Backyard Camping

When you're camping in your backyard, you have more leeway on size and structure. We've discussed similar frugal backyard projects, and hammocks remain one of the most popular choices. Permanent or semi-permanent hammock setups benefit from different structural types than those you might use for camping.

Backyard hammock considerations:

  • Solid wood frame instead of metal
  • Decorative frame with larger footprint
  • Color coordination with patio decor

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