Where to Find Cheap Weighted Blankets on Sale

Where to Find Cheap Weighted Blankets on Sale

We’ve been posting deals on weighted blankets since they first became mainstream as a way to ease anxiety and feel more relaxed. When we first started posting them, they were much more expensive than they are now and would sell out within minutes. Now, we see more on the market and it is easier to snag a deal on one. Keep reading to find out how to get the best weighted blanket deal for you.

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Table of Contents

  1. What is a weighted blanket?
  2. What are Weighted Blanket Benefits?
  3. Why should I use a weighted blanket?
  4. How do weighted blankets work?
  5. How heavy should a weighted blanket be?
  6. What’s the difference between a weighted blanket and a heavy blanket?
  7. Where are The Best Places to Buy Cheap Weighted Blankets?
    1. Keep an eye on holiday sales
    2. Set up a deal alert
    3. Stores with the best weighted blanket sales
      1. Amazon
      2. Macy’s
      3. Overstock
      4. Walmart
      5. Target
      6. Kohl’s
      7. Zulily
      8. Bed Bath & Beyond
      9. Brookstone

What is a weighted blanket?

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Weighted blankets are normally a holiday trend for our readers, but they’re not exactly cheap and the best weighted blanket sales still often sell out in hours. 

We often get questions about what weight is best and if the price is as good as Black Friday deals. Use this blog post as your guide to finding a great deal on the best weighted blanket that’s right for you.

What are the weighted blanket benefits?

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Are weighted blankets for anxiety? Though they were introduced to reduce anxiety and to help manage autism symptoms, weighted blankets have caught on in mainstream culture because of the benefits of improved sleep that users attribute to them.

Why should I use a weighted blanket?

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If you suffer from anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), sleep disorders, or autism, many weighted blanket supporters claim that weighted blankets can offer some relief and a calming effect.

There are also weighted blanket lovers who have not been diagnosed with any of the above and say that they find them to be calming, claim to fall asleep faster, and toss and turn less through the night.

How do weighted blankets work?

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Weighted blankets work by applying gentle pressure across the user’s body. Many weighted blanket users described it as being akin to a hug.

The science-y jargon for this effect is “deep touch pressure”, or DTP, which allegedly aids your body in releasing the serotonin that helps you to fall and stay asleep.

In short, they feel cozy.

How heavy should a weighted blanket be?

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Most guidelines recommend that a weighted blanket should be 10% of the user’s body weight, plus a pound or two. Here’s a chart for quick reference:

Body Weight Blanket Weight
50 lbs.
6-7 lbs.
80 lbs.
9-10 lbs.
100 lbs.
11-12 lbs.
120 lbs.
13-14 lbs.
140 lbs.
15-16 lbs.
160 lbs.
17-18 lbs.
180 lbs.
19-20 lbs.
200 lbs.
21-22 lbs.


Note that it’s really hard to find weighted blankets that weigh more than 25 lbs., and that’s for purely practical reasons. A blanket of that weight can be pretty tough to handle. Unfortunately, it does mean that people with higher body weights are likely to be left out unless they make their own.

What’s the difference between a weighted blanket and a heavy blanket?

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A weighted blanket is typically filled with some kind of weighted material, usually beads made from glass or plastic, though some of the DIY options use rice or millet as filler. Part of the appeal is that a weighted blanket stays cooler than simply piling on more blankets.

A heavy blanket is simply a blanket that weighs a bit more but lacks the weighted filler. You could possibly layer two or more heavy blankets to mimic the cozy hug effect of a weighted blanket, but I’d save that combo for the winter deep freeze – it’s likely to get hot under so many layers.

When looking for a weighted blanket online, beware of blankets advertised as “weighted” when really it’s just a normal, unfilled blanket that just happens to be slightly heavier than usual. They may work as weighted blankets for kids, but rarely weigh enough to meet the guidelines for adults who typically need a blanket weighing 15-20 lbs.

Where are The Best Places to Buy Cheap Weighted Blankets?

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It’s still pretty tough to find good weighted blanket sales, but we’ve seen a few good deals. These are our best tips and stores to watch to find a cheap weighted blanket.

Keep an eye on holiday sales.

Target featured a $30 weighted blanket in their most recent Black Friday sale, and we’ve sometimes been able to negotiate exclusive deals on them as well. Now that weighted blankets have gone mainstream, we expect to see more deals pop up, especially during the cold weather months.

Set up a deal alert.

We’re scouring the internet every day for weighted blanket deals, and you can be the first to know when we find one to share. Just drop “weighted blanket” into our site search and click the “Create Alert” button. The next time we publish a weighted blanket deal, we’ll put it in your inbox right away.

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Stores with the best weighted blanket sales

If you’re wondering about the best place to buy a weighted blanket online, we recommend checking out these retailers.

Our current weighted blanket deals

Click this link to see the latest weighted blanket deals.

Do you have a weighted blanket? Let us know what you think of yours in the comments!