Reebok is our favorite underdog in the activewear game. Yes, we love Nike and Adidas, but Reebok will always remain a dear favorite to our editors because of their commitment to staying current with the trends but also keeping the classic looks that we’ve loved for decades. As budget-conscious Brad’s Deals editors, we also love that the prices at Reebok are often far less than the other brands without sacrificing on quality.

The workout preferences of our editors vary tremendously, and Reebok has a shoe collection with something for everyone. Whether you're a cardio bunny or a total gym bro, there is a shoe to fit your workout style. From running, to olympic weightlifting, to even just doing nothing at all, our editors have put together our top picks from their extensive shoe collection based on our favorite activities.

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Merchant Spotlight: Reebok

  • By Christina R.
  • May 20, 2024
  • 3 min read

Brad's Deals editors scavenge sites like Reebok daily for the best finds, and here are some of their key Reebok-shopping tips.

1. Best Reebok Shoes for Running: Floatride Energy 5 Shoes

The Floatride Energy 5 Shoe is a great choice for both experienced and beginner runners. Coming in at a price point of $110, they’re already a more affordable option than Brooks or HOKA but without sacrificing on quality. The Floatride Energy 5 is lightweight enough to make them suitable for speedwork, but also durable enough to go the distance on longer runs. These shoes are reviewed highly for their stability and their grip on dry ground, which makes them a great option for road or treadmill runners. While they are well worth their full price, we can often find these shoes on sale for as low as $60.

2. Best Reebok Shoes for Walking: DMX Comfort+ Shoes

The shape of the DMX Comfort + Shoe was named the Best Walking Shoe of 2024 by Women’s Health and for good reason. It is not only fashionable, but also incredibly functional. Its cushioning is designed to move air from the heel to the forefoot as you move, which makes for a smooth landing on each stride. This unique shape also helps with impact distribution by absorbing the strike of the heel and providing support through the arch. They’re incredibly breathable due to their mesh uppers, and they come in a variety of attractive colorways. Priced at $80 normally, we often find codes to get them for as low as $50.

3. Best Reebok Shoes for the Gym: Nanoflex 2.0 TR Shoes

The Nanoflex 2.0 TR Shoes are our top pick for a gym shoe that can do it all. From jumping rope to tough kettlebell circuits, this shoe can absolutely do it all. It has a reinforced heel clip to add stability and a high-traction outsole for extra grip. These are our ideal picks for casual gym-goers who aren’t planning to lift super heavy weights in the gym. It’s worth noting that these have a narrow fit, so those with wider feet may want to go for a different option on this list. You can pick these up for $100 at full price, but we routinely see them in the $50-$75 range.

4. Best Reebok Shoes for Weightlifting: Legacy Lifter Weightlifting Shoes

If powerlifting or Olympic lifting is more your style, then the Legacy Lifter III is about to become your new gym BFF. Often regarded among the best weightlifting shoes on the market, these shoes are a must for anyone who is planning to lift heavy. They provide ultimate stability that gives you a phenomenal base for working on lifts like the squat or deadlift. These shoes have an inflatable pump that allows you to add more or less stability depending on the lift. Weightlifting shoes are regarded as more of a piece of equipment than a shoe, which is a nice way of telling you that these shoes are pretty pricey. You’ll almost always find them at their full price of $200. So when you find a discount, don’t delay! They rarely go on sale, but we have seen them for as low as $100.

5. Best Reebok Shoes for Crossfit: Nano X4

The Reebok Nano X4s are the latest edition of Reebok’s most popular cross trainer. They’re known for being extraordinarily stable and supportive while still managing to be breathable and lightweight. That makes them the ideal for cross training workouts for Crossfit WODS that combine various modalities of training. This newly released style is priced at $150. We haven’t seen them on sale yet, but when we do, you can be sure we’ll let you know about it!

6. Best Reebok Shoes for Outdoor Workouts: Nano X3 Adventure Shoes

The Nano X3 Adventure shoes take everything we love about the Nano X3 and add rugged durability. These shoes are ideal for outdoor workouts like stair runs or circuits at the park. Their water-resistant mesh uppers make them suitable for an impromptu trail run, and the molded heel collar offers more stability for strength work like lunges or squats. These shoes are also very affordable in comparison to similar outdoor training shoes. They’re priced at $150, but we frequently see price drops of up to 50% off during Reebok’s frequent sales.

7. Best Reebok Shoes for Basketball: Question Mid Shoes

The Question Mid was Allen Iverson’s first exclusive shoe released in 1996. Since then, it has stood the test of time as one of the most recognizable basketball shoes on the market. The OG Colorway, which you can currently purchase for $170, featured a red-toe design that made it unmistakable on the court. There are now various colorways available for $130. With this shoe, you’ll get solid side-to-side stability and ankle support for quick cuts and grip that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor courts. These are rarely, if ever, discounted, so if you see a sale make sure you move quickly.

8. Best Reebok Shoes for HIIT: Nano X3

A predecessor of our favorite Crossfit shoe, the Nano X4, the Nano X3 offers the same stability and breathability. But this shoe actually has one major benefit over the X4: you can often find it on sale. It is regularly priced at $140, but we’ve frequently seen this style marked down as low as $80. The X3 is very similar to the X4 in terms of performance, but it is slightly heavier and has a different look than the newest model. But it’s still a suitable fit for the HIIT enthusiast because it can go from lifting, running, and jumping without missing a beat.

9. Best Reebok Shoes for Trail Running: Floatride Energy 5 Adventure

If you prefer to take your runs to the great outdoors, the Floatride Energy 5 Adventure is a solid trail running shoe that won’t totally break the bank. It’s priced at $120, which is on the lower end of elite trail shoes, and we often find codes for up to 40% off. These have the same lightweight feel as their indoor counterpart, the Floatride Energy 5, but with a rugged exterior that makes them perfect for conquering any terrain. The Floatride Energy Foam does a great job of absorbing shock and producing a smooth stride. We also love that these shoes are made of 30% recycled materials.

10. Best Reebok Shoes for Casual Wear: Club C 85 Vintage Shoes

For those all important rest days, we love our Club C 85 Vintage Shoes. They are a timeless classic, and they go with just about everything. We’ve worn these with cuffed chinos, jeans, shorts, and even dresses. They give a classic, cool look to nearly every outfit we pair them with. The EVA midsole also makes them tremendously comfortable without being overly cushioned. These are one of Reebok’s best-selling styles, and they rarely go on sale. You’ll almost always find them priced at $90, but we don’t mind all that much given the amount of wear we get out of them. Although, on the off chance that you do find them on sale, snatch them up and don’t think twice!

However you like to get your sweat on, Reebok surely has a quality shoe to meet your needs at a great price point. But if you’re looking for other styles or brands, check out our athletic shoe deal feed. Our editors scour the internet every day to bring you the best deals on running shoes and athletic wear. Prices change rather quickly, so make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter to get the most current pricing!