One of the best parts of this job is discovering great retailers that you may not have heard of. Case in point: Woot! This gem of a website has been around for almost 20 years, yet may not have the name recognition of… Amazon (hint - they are related!). So, what is Woot? Keep reading for our top four reasons why we love Woot by Amazon, and you should too!


They are an Amazon company

While Woot has been around since 2004, they were acquired by the online retail juggernaut, Amazon in 2010. This means you can get Prime benefits like free shipping when you log in through your Amazon account. And since they are an Amazon company, you know you can trust that they are selling quality products. And if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can rely on their stellar customer service.

Woot Daily Deals

When they started Woot in 2004, they offered one good deal every day until they sold out. Now they offer a variety of daily deals as well as a selection of deals that are available for multiple days. You can save up to 75% on electronics, home & kitchen, computers, outdoor, essentials, and more. They also have Woot-offs, where they offer limited-time deals every 30 minutes. They don’t happen often, but they offer ridiculously good deals throughout the day.


Fun, fun, fun!

If you can’t tell by the name, Woot doesn't take itself too seriously. For example, during the aforementioned Woot-offs, they sell BOCs (Bags of Crap!), where they package up random things and sell them to customers. According to their website, Wooters have received brand-new laptops, a single shoe, expired batteries, and more. They also have daily polls and jokes, and two monkey mascots who host monkey chats. 


Deals are best when they are name brands, IMHO, and Woot delivers. They feature brands like Samsung, Ray-Ban, Apple, Carhartt, iRobot, Energizer, Under Armour, Allbirds, Ring, Dell, Ninja, Eddie Bauer, and more.