Just like the Amazon rainforest is known for its biodiversity, Amazon.com carries products that range from tools to TVs to toys that your cat doesn’t need. The sheer number of products available when you shop the retail giant is astounding. As of 2020, Amazon sells more than 12 million products. If you take into account their marketplace sellers, it soars to over 353 million products for sale. With all of these products available, you may need some insider help to know how to get the best deals (don’t worry, we’ve got your back.)

If you’re an experienced Amazon shopper, you know that Amazon prices can be tough to beat. And when it comes to finding discounts below their regular prices, Amazon can be a difficult nut to crack, since the quantity and variety of products coupled with the organization of the site can be confusing. Throw in Amazon Prime Day, which is rumored to be happening in June this year (more on that below), and sometimes their deals and discounts can become overwhelming. Here’s where we can help!

Table of Contents

  1. Shop for Prime Day Deals
    1. Amazon Prime Day 2021 Details
    2. What Are Some Deals to Expect from Amazon Prime Day
    3. How to Shop Amazon Prime Day Deals
  2. Check Amazon’s Daily Deals
  3. Explore Amazon Warehouse Deals and Amazon Renewed
  4. Check Out Amazon Woot! Deals
  5. Find Amazon Hidden Discounts
  6. Look for Amazon Coupons
  7. Price Compare
  8. Subscribe & Save
  9. Amazon Outlet

Whether you want to find discounted items on Amazon or just want to find a great price on something you need, knowing when, where, and how to shop makes all the difference when it comes to finding the best deals on Amazon. Here are our favorite tips:

Shop Prime Day Deals for Amazon Specials

Prime Day is Amazon’s two-day shopping event that provides Prime members with exclusive discounts on products across categories. Amazon calls it “a 2-day parade of epic deals.” And indeed, some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals may actually beat Black Friday pricing.

Amazon Prime Day 2021

In 2020, we saw Amazon Prime Day move from its usual spot in July to October due to the pandemic, which really shook up the Black Friday universe. This year it is rumored that they’ll be bouncing it back to summertime. Instead of the July date, however, rumor has it that we’ll see the 2-day sale slotted sometime in late June.

We certainly thought they’d keep Prime Day in October after the success of last year’s sale. But we’ve heard some speculation and can’t help but wonder if there may be two Prime Days this year. Whether there are one or two Amazon Prime Day sales this year, we’ve got you covered and will help you sort through the mess to find the actual Prime Day deals worth buying.

What Are Some Deals to Expect from Amazon Prime Day

Amazon has been pretty reliable about having a gift card bonus for Prime Day. In 2020, the offer was for a free $10 Amazon credit when you purchase or reload at least $40 on an Amazon gift card. This is essentially free money. If you shop on Amazon, you should absolutely take advantage of the gift card bonus they put out for Prime Day 2021.

Amazon devices like Ring doorbells, Echo speakers, and Fire Tablets will also be at the lowest prices we ever see for them. Apple Watches and AirPods are likely to be at the best prices we have seen since Black Friday. Some other deals we expect to see: DNA testing kits, Oral-B electronic toothbrushes, Shark vacuums, Roombas, name-brand athletic wear, and toys.

How to Shop Amazon Prime Day Deals for Amazon Specials

If you already have a Prime membership, all you have to do is wait patiently until late June when we think the sale will drop. Then you can begin browsing Brad’s Deals for the experts’ top picks. Or, if you have specific products you’re interested in, be proactive and set up alerts using our Deal Alerts feature. It’s free and easy to sign up for an account, and we’ll send deals directly to your inbox when we discover discounts on items on your personalized shopping list. And if you’re really ready to shop until you drop on Prime Day, you might even consider applying for a credit card that will help you save even more while maximizing your rewards.

If you’re not yet a Prime member, you can use the 30-day free trial to gain access to the sale, and we encourage you to explore some of the other perks as well. You’re probably not aware of all of the amazing benefits that a Prime membership entitles you to, from free grocery delivery to free music.

Best Amazon Deals Anytime: Check Amazon’s Daily Deals

Looking for Amazon Daily Deals today? Go to Amazon’s Gold Box Deals or click “Today’s Deals” at the top of the homepage. From there, you’ll be able to sort by category, price range, discount amount, and type of deal. An Amazon Daily Deal lasts one day, and Lightning Deals can run out even faster. Each customer can only claim one, and the deal runs out either when it expires or when the total quantity has been claimed. You’ll also see sales and coupons, and Prime early access deals can be found here as well. Sorting through these deals is a lot easier than looking for deals within a category or search page, so this is a great place to start.

Amazon Steals and Deals: Explore Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Renewed

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For even bigger discounts on some of Amazon’s most popular products, consider buying used. Both Amazon Warehouse and Amazon Renewed offer quality options on used items that can save you a few bucks up to hundreds of dollars.

Amazon Warehouse

Buying secondhand is a sustainable and economical way to get the items you need at a discounted price. Amazon Warehouse offers discounts on pre-owned or open box items that have been returned and gone through an inspection process to be offered on the site for resale.

Each item has a detailed description to help you understand its condition before purchase. You’ll find details about the item’s appearance, the accessories, as well as packaging condition. Product conditions range from like new, very good, good, and acceptable.

If you are unhappy with an item you purchased through Amazon Warehouse, they are covered under Amazon’s return policy. However, if you are looking for a replacement, Amazon cannot guarantee that the replacement will be in the same condition as your initial order.

Amazon Renewed

Save money by shopping for pre-owned, refurbished, or open-box merchandise through Amazon Renewed. Amazon Renewed gets you deals on like-new products from laptops to smartphones to small appliances for your home.

These products have all undergone a professional inspection with a diagnostic test and a replacement of any defective parts, either by Amazon or the supplier. They have also been cleaned and will have, according to Amazon, no visible imperfections when held at 12-inches away.

Each product sold through Amazon Renewed comes with the Amazon Renewed Guarantee which allows you to return the item within 90-days of purchase. Amazon Renewed Premium items can be returned within 1-year of the purchase date.

If you are not satisfied, the Renewed Guarantee allows you to return the item at no additional cost to you or get it replaced, also at no additional cost.

The Difference Between Warehouse and Renewed

While both Amazon Warehouse and Amazon renewed offers discounts for used, pre-owned, and open box items, they do have a few differences.

Amazon Warehouse items are returned items that go through a 20-point inspection process and are then returned to the site for sale at discounted prices.

Amazon Renewed items are pre-owned and refurbished items that went through a more rigorous inspection and were professionally tested, cleaned, and fixed.

For expensive, big-ticket items, we recommend shopping through Amazon Renewed. For smaller household purchases, Amazon Warehouse is a great option to save money on pre-owned items.

You can also check the Amazon Outlet Deals section for discounted overstock products in any category.

Check Out Amazon Woot! Deals

Woot! is an Amazon company that offers both daily deals and short-term sales with free shipping for Amazon Prime members. You never know what you might find as the Amazon Woot! Deal of the day, so it’s worth checking each day. It’s how I managed to snag this Eufy Robovac for a mere $159.99, and now I’m the proud mom of my very own robotic vacuum (his name is Harold).

Find Amazon Hidden Discounts

You may have noticed that when searching for a product on Amazon, you can’t sort your results by discount amount, so the really good deals tend to be buried in the pages of results. To make matters worse, sorting by price typically brings up a whole bunch of cheap marketplace items you weren’t really looking for.

However, there’s a simple way to find these Amazon Hidden Discounts. Here’s how it works:

  1. Search for an item or product in Amazon’s main search bar.
  2. To see items discounted 50%, add &pct-off=50- to the end of the search link. This will work for any discount amount, and you can also express a range. For example, if you want to see items discounted 50-75%, add &pct-off=50-75.
  3. You might need to play around with the discount amount to catch the best deals. Note that it’s not as seamless as sorting by discount amount, which some other sites offer, since Amazon will pull in best-sellers and full-price items into your results as well. But you’ll definitely be able to find discounted items faster than if you were to scroll through the pages of featured results.

Look for Amazon Coupons

There are two types of coupons available for Amazon shoppers: Clippable coupons and coupon codes. On the Amazon website, clippable coupons show up as a box to check underneath the price on a product page. You can also find all available Amazon coupons in one place on the site. Just click “clip coupon” to apply the discount to your order, but note that you won’t see the final price until checkout.

Amazon coupon codes typically offer discounts for specific items. You can find these on our Amazon coupon page, which features both coupon codes and current sales. Just click “Reveal Codes” to copy the code and visit the product page on Amazon. Add the item to your cart, and enter the coupon code during the checkout process.

Price Compare to Find a Great Deal

Even with Amazon’s low prices, it’s still worth your time to price compare using Google shopping. And be sure to check for discounts and exclusive coupons on Brad’s Deals before buying what you need from Amazon, especially since the retailer doesn’t price match. Amazon may offer low prices on millions of products and plenty of perks for Prime members, but that doesn’t mean it’s always going to be the cheapest place to shop. Even with Prime Day deals, pay attention to prices at other stores, since retailers will be trying to compete with Amazon for your business.

Subscribe & Save

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service is a great way to save a little extra on everyday necessities that you purchase again and again. Whether it’s a favorite toothpaste, baby diapers, or pet food Amazon allows you to subscribe for automatic delivery and receive up to 15% off the cost.

When you’re viewing a product, on the right side you’ll see options for a one-time purchase and then a Subscribe & Save option that also reflects the discounted price. When you select to do a Subscribe & Save, you will be prompted to choose your delivery and frequency options.

As with all automatic purchases or subscriptions, be intentional and thoughtful about what you add and how often you set delivery. Don’t request a monthly delivery of an item you barely finish after 3 months. I’m speaking from experience from a huge surplus of vitamins I currently have in my cupboard!

The good news is that Amazon makes it very easy to change your subscription options, so if you do end up with a surplus of items in your pantry, you can easily adjust the time between deliveries in your Amazon account to fit your needs.

Amazon Outlet

A relatively unknown overstock shopping source, Amazon Outlet offers great deals on clearance and overstock products at bargain-bin prices. The products offered in Amazon Outlet are pretty limited and the selection is random, but you can sort by category on the right side of the page.

We’ve regularly seen up to 70% off toys and games and clothes for kids. And it’s pretty common to see over 50% off on select gourmet grocery and food items.

This is definitely something you’d need to check often to score some high-quality deals, but the prices on the discounted items cannot be beaten!

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