13 of the Best Things to Buy in July

13 of the Best Things to Buy in July

July is turning into a deceptively great time to find bargains. The month starts out with Fourth of July sales and takes only a short breather before diving headlong into back-to-school sales. Because timing is everything, we’ve broken July’s best buys out by the beginning, middle, and end of the month.

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Table of Contents

    1. 13 of the Best Things to Buy in July
      1. The Best Deals in Early July
        1. Summer Apparel
        2. Tools
        3. Paint
      2. The Best Deals in Mid-July
        1. Swimwear
        2. Furniture
        3. Jewelry
        4. Stage Shows
        5. Bikes & Camping Equipment
      3. The Best Deals in Late July
        1. School Supplies
        2. Fall & Winter Clothes
        3. Laptops

The Best Deals in Early July: 4th of July Sales

The first week of July will be stuffed with July 4th sales, but not everything will be a great deal. We’ll keep a running tally of the best deals to help you sort through the clutter.

Summer Apparel Sales

With most stores putting out their summer apparel as early as April and May, that means July is already time for them to get rid of it and stock up for Fall. Look for discounts on swimsuits, shorts, and sandals.

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Once you get past Fathers Day, the tools that weren’t snapped up as gifts for Dad get the discount treatment. Just in time, too, since many DIYers will be taking advantage of the long weekend to catch up on home improvement projects.

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Paint Sales

Yep! It’s a good time to paint the house! Or your bedroom, since you can leave the windows open while it dries without getting frozen out of the house. Check out Home Depot and Lowes paint sales for some of the best prices on cans of paint that you’ll find while still in a season when you can actually use it.

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The Best Deals in Mid-July

Check Amazon out, but don’t overlook all those best-of-season sales from all of your favorite stores.

Swimwear Sale

Once everyone has gotten “Fourth of July at the beach” out of their system, swimwear gets discounted for fall clearance. So hold out until after the holiday if you can. For cute and cheap swimwear, give our list of the best swimwear deals a look.

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Artificial Christmas Trees

What blasphemy is this when the sun remains so high and hot in our northern sky? Trust us. With great artificial Christmas Tree sales available, buy your tree-in-a-box now, stash it in the basement until December. We promise not to tell anyone you’re already thinking ahead to Christmas.

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Furniture Sales

Now that the living room has a fresh coat of paint, replace your ratty sofa and finally get the comfy chair you always wanted. New inventory tends to hit stores like Crate and Barrel or Joss and Main in August, which means July is the month for them to clear out the old. If you can’t stand the sight of that stained couch any longer, now could be the time for a replacement. Look for these furniture deals especially around the Fourth of July, another popular holiday retailers use to promote big sales.

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Jewelry Deals

There are no do-or-die jewelry holidays in July. This is good news for bargain hunters, since it means that jewelers slash their prices to keep their sales from getting too sluggish. Read more here for our list of the best jewelry deals we can find.

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Stage Shows

Heading to a big city like New York or Chicago this summer? Try to squeeze in a play since this is a slow time for the theater. You can find tickets to some shows for as much as half off.

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Bikes & Camping Equipment

With the summer travel season half done, outdoor gear goes on sale. Buy now and you’ll get some enjoyment out of it before you have to pack it away for the winter. July is a great time to check out bike sales and camping equipment sales.

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The Best Deals in Late July

Tired of sunny days by the pool yet? Neither are we, but back-to-school sales will start counting down the days beginning in late-July whether or not you’re ready for it. Confidential to Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi: You have tax free shopping weekends coming up in late July when you can fulfill many of your back-to-school needs without also shelling out for sales tax. Check locally for your dates.

School Supply Sales

When do school supplies go on sale?

Already? Seriously? Yes, seriously. With most kids going back to school as early as mid-August, parents are starting to get their ducks in a row by end of July. Look for sales on supplies like backpacks, markers, notebooks, and lunch boxes. And with college kids heading to school even earlier than other kids, keep an eye out for sales on bigger ticket items like bedding, small appliances, and laptops.

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Fall & Winter Clothes Sales

Will they be at their best prices ever? No, but that doesn’t help you if you need sweaters and coats right now. We can promise, however, that there will be discounts on these things in late July and into August as retailers go all in on their back-to-school sales.

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Laptops Sales

Again, these aren’t the absolute lowest prices we’ll see all year, but we also know that many students and their families can’t exactly wait to replace a busted laptop with school starting up long before the best sales arrive. But you’ll save at least a little with the upcoming sales, and we definitely recommend checking out your discount options through the Apple Education Store too. If all of that is still too high for your budget, check out our article with everything you need to know about buying a refurbished Macbook and other Apple laptop deals.

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What’s on your shopping list for July? Tell us in the comments below!