Frugal or Fiction: You can make so much money from real estate

Frugal or Fiction: You can make so much money from real estate

How do you know whether financial memes are trustworthy? That’s the focus of our new Frugal Living segment: Frugal or Fiction. Check out Frugal Living on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon,, iHeartRadio, or anywhere you go to find podcasts. 

Genny Blauvelt, our audio-editor intern this season, came up with a clever way to evaluate financial memes. It’s a new segment on Frugal Living, and we’re calling it Frugal or Fiction. In this first-ever episode, we discuss a screenshot from Instagram.

The post challenges readers to buy a new rental property every year, so they can make $192,000 per year in passive income after a decade of accumulation. Is that possible? We’ve recently discussed the FIRE movement, which relies on passive income. Here’s what we learned from the show.

Claim: It’s better to chase passive income opportunities than active income opportunities
Evidence: FIRE relies on passive income. It’s how we retire.
Verdict: Passive income is real. It’s just not usually fast or easy.

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