Do People Still Shop QVC and HSN?

Do People Still Shop QVC and HSN?

We talk a lot about online deals. It’s kind of our thing. But, we don’t want to discount other safe and legitimate ways to shop that aren’t in-store. With the Delta variant making its way through the US, a lot of us are still more comfortable shopping from home and that will continue well into the holiday season.

So what are some other options for safe shopping from home? The reality is that TV commercials and infomercials can still go a long way. That is where QVC shopping and HSN shopping have done an exceptional job, weathering the pandemic to keep their revenues as high as possible. What do the numbers show, and how do they do it?

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In this post we’ll cover:

  1. Some of the Best Deals Are Found on TV
  2. Using Livestream Shopping To Stay Ahead of Amazon
  3. Staying Nimble Means Staying Relevant
  4. Find Shopping Special Offers Through The Best Live TV Shopping

Some of the Best Deals Are Found on TV

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There is a good chance that you can remember some of the most famous personalities from TV infomercials. That is because these networks do an exceptional job at making sure people not only noticed products and services but also remember them.

In addition to the gut feeling you have about these networks, the numbers do not lie. A few of the most important numbers related to QVC and HSN include:

  • The networks made more than $3.4 billion in revenue, reflecting a 10 percent increase
  • Online traffic for these networks increased 36 percent
  • While the networks do not disclose their ratings, there is a good chance these are going up as well

Also, an important parent company, Qurate Retail Group, added more than two million new customers. Furthermore, eCommerce revenue went up by close to 20 percent as well. This indicates that more people are willing to buy at home. Even though this often means using the internet, it is not limited to digital traffic.

Using Livestream Shopping To Stay Ahead of Amazon

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Indeed, a lot of TV commercials are not nearly as effective as they used to be. A lot of people are cutting their cable subscriptions, and many people are using DVR to fast-forward through commercials.

The way QVC and HSN have been able to stay relevant is by modernizing their approaches. That is where live stream shopping comes into play.
This includes Lively demos, time pressure promotions, and even real-time interactions with potential Shoppers. They are set to grow significantly during the next few years, and QVC and HSN have capitalized on them.

In a time where people expect everything to be delivered right to their front door, Amazon, QVC, and HSN have taken advantage of these avenues to stay one step ahead of the online shopping giant. Plus, people who purchase products from these shopping networks can still get their items delivered right to their front door.

The reality is that QVC and HSN are both well-oiled machines. They know who their target market is, they know how to reach them, and they are far beyond the trial-and-error phase that Amazon is still fumbling through.

Staying Nimble Means Staying Relevant

QVC and HSN understand that they are significantly ahead of their competitors. They can see the world around them shifting to copy what they do.

As the rest of the world tries to duplicate this livestream shopping strategy, the leaders at Qurate Retail are working hard to figure out what they can do to stay ahead of the competition.

By shifting the focus to online sales on mobile devices, it is possible for QVC and HSN shopping to remain relevant in the digital world even after all these years of TV selling.

Find Shopping Special Offers Through The Best Live TV Shopping

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If you are looking for some of the best deals available, it is important to take a look at the opportunities available through live TV shopping as well as online deals.

QVC and HSN are only two of the numerous options available. If you want to stay up-to-date on the best deals available, then be sure to take a closer look at our deals to learn more.

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