30 Stores That Carry Petite Sizes

30 Stores That Carry Petite Sizes

I haven’t always been short. When I was in fifth grade I was one of the tallest kids in my class. Not just one of the tallest girls, one of the tallest out of everyone. When we were teenagers, my little brother used to pound on his chest and ask, “Who am I? I am Courtney in fifth grade!” I was really small when I was a tot, then grew a lot in middle school, then I just stopped.

When you’re fifteen and your pants are a little baggy and your shirt doesn’t quite fit you can brush it off as teenage style. This all changes when you’re nearing thirty and still only five feet tall. You start to notice where the hem of your work pants sits or where the darts in your cocktail dress hit. Instead of buying things and hoping they fit or making false promises to myself to take them to the tailor, I started shopping for petite sizes and it made a difference.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite stores and brands that offer petite sizes: Let me know if you’ve any to add in the comments!

Department stores with petite sizing:

clothes hanging on hangers

Where to find petite jeans:

jeans on a hanger

Our favorites for petite dresses and workwear:

pink dress with printed flowers

Stores with the best petite casual styles:

laundry on a clothes line

Did I forget any? Let me know your favorite petite store in the comments!